KimberlyMy name is Kimberly and I have to admit that I had never been camping before. My parents had a strong dislike to camping and it was for a good reason. My grandfather passed away while they were camping one day and I was not even thought of yet. The downside is it took the state police several hours to find them and my mom did not get a chance to see her  dad before he passed away. So they did not want to go camping anymore because of the fear of this happening again.

Just bear with me for a minute while I tell you what started me into the camping world. Even, if you think this was something that is not good, you need to realize I have three beautiful kids now and all they want to do is camp.

The downside is my husband is disabled and we are trying to live off of his firefighters pension, which means funds are limited most of the time. Then we finally got enough money to get some camping gear and I have to tell you I was very disappointed when the gear did not work like it was supposed to.

Since we had some major disappointment with the camping gear we bought, I decided to start looking at the gear closely. In fact, some of my friends mentioned that I was looking at the gear so closely that I should start my own website about it. I considered this advice for a long time and finally decided to launch a website on the gear.

I hope this information comes as helpful to you and you enjoy the gear as much as I enjoyed researching all aspects of the camping gear.


Kimberly Smith

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