Bayou Classic 1079 Spoon

Listed Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $34.16

Bayou Classic has heeded the call of the backyard chef with this Monster Size Bayou Spoon. Ideal for large batch cooking. Use with Jambalaya Pots and large Boiling Pots. You know what they say, -inchB…Read more…

Our Take

Cooking at the campsite over the fire is a great way to cook while camping, but it is quite hot and if you do not have the proper gear it could easily lead to you burning yourself. With this Bayou Classic offering you are going to find that the spoon will work out great for cooking on your campfire because it is going to be 40 inches long, which means you do not have to get to close to the fire. However, you will find the spoon portion of the spoon is rather large as well and that will make it easier for you to stir all of your food. The bowl itself is 9 inches by 6.5 inches. Easily one of the best spoons that you can use for cooking over an open fire and avoid burning yourself.


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