Lodge Pro-Logic P10D3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven Reviewed

Introducing The Pro-Logic P10D3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Listed Price: $57.00
Sale Price: $52.40

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Features Of The Pro-Logic Dutch Oven

  • Since this is a cast iron cookware it is going to allow you to use it for multiple purposes, even the simmering and searing of the meat that you need to have prepared.
  • Has the double handle feature that is going to make it easier for you to move the dutch oven in and out of the campfire if you want to cook.
  • The lid is a self basting lid that will allow you to keep your food great tasting and moist when you are working on getting the food prepared and ready to eat.
Quick View Of The Lodge Pro-Logic P10D3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven
The Good
  • Has easy grip loop handles that will make it easy to lift.
  • Self basting lid that is going to keep food moist.
  • Can be used on multiple cooking surfaces.
The Bad
  • Like all cast iron cookware needs to be reseasoned on a regular basis.
  • Cast-iron cookware is going to get extremely warm no matter how you are preparing the food.



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