Rome’s 1805 Round Pie Iron with Steel and Wood Handles Reviewed

Introducing Rome’s 1805 Round Pie Iron

Listed Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $14.98

The round cast iron pie iron from Rome is perfect for cooking desserts & pies over a campfire or firepit. The round design is made to trim off the edges of sandwich bread to form a sealed round sandw…Read more…

Features Of Rome’s 1805 Round Pie Iron

  • Cast iron cookware that is going to make it easier for you to cook your meals.
  • This is a tool that can be used on multiple types of cooking surfaces.
  • Makes it easier to toast sandwiches and other items when you are camping and only have the campfire.
  • Wood handles help to keep the holding surface cool when you are trying to use it on a fire.
Quick Take On Rome's 1805 Round Pie Iron
The Good
  • Heavy duty round cast iron design.
  • Makes it easy to toast pies and sandwiches on a campfire.
  • Comes with recipes to use.
The Bad
  • Can be used on all cooking surfaces, but bulky for a kitchen stove.

Our Final Take On Rome’s 1805 Round Pie Iron 

Toast with eggsWhen you are going camping, you need to realize you do not have to give up all of the food that you love to eat. In fact, you can open up your cooking expertise even more and know that it is going to make it easier for you to enjoy the food that you want. I know that one of the main complaints I have had is how difficult it is to make toast. However, I found this is a great item that will help you make some of the sandwiches you want, but also have the shape changed to match the lunch meat that you are probably using to as the meat for the sandwich.

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Additional Pictures Of Rome’s 1805 Round Pie Iron

Round Pie Iron by Rome\'s 1805Rome\'s 1805 Round Pie IronHandles on Rome\'s 1805 Round Pie Iron

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