Abba Patio Slant Leg Instant Pop Up Folding Canopy Reviewed





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Introducing The Abba Patio Slant Leg Instant Pop Up Folding Caopy

Abba Patio Canopy Gazebo Collection Abba Patio pop up canopy is perfectly designed to provide a large reliable temporary shade place for outdoor activities in the sun. This innovative design is ultra-light.

Features Of The Abba Instant Pop Up Canopy

  • The upper cover measurements, or the area that is under the shelter is a total of a 9 foot by 9 foot space.
  • Utilizing an Oxford style fabric cover is going to make the cover for this canopy more resistant to the fire and mold that can attack some of the other canopies on the market.
  • Ultra light weight that is present with this canopy is going to make it easier for you to carry around to the camping space or even the picnic area that you have selected to set the canopy up in.
  • Carrying these can be awkward at times, but you will realize with this model it comes with a fabric carry bag that has wheels on it which make it easier for you to get it from location to location.

Our Final Take On The Abba Instant Pop Up Canopy

Canopies are a great way to stay dry when you are out and about or if you just want to have a picnic away from the main picnic area and their is to much sun. However, the problem is their always seems to be a choice that you have to make when you are looking at the canopies. With that being the case, we like the Abba because it is light weight, but it also means that you have to carry either stakes or weights with it all the time. Either way this is a great canopy that you can use and know that your picnic will not be rained out.

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