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Discover The Alocs Ultralight Portable Kettle

A kettle is a great tool to have and a fantastic way to go camping and make coffee and tea. However, when you are camping it is going to be one of the few ways you can make your coffees and teas. Weight is always a concern when you are camping and hiking and with that being the case you will want to make sure you consider all the options you have available to you. That can even include the Alocs Ultralight Portable Kettle that we are reviewing here.

What I Like About The Alocs Ultralight Portable Kettle

The weight of this kettle is definitely something that I love. The kettle is light and it does have quite a bit of size to hold water as well. The overall shipping weight of the product is even under a pound, which will tell you that it is going to be significantly less than what you would expect when you are using the kettle to go camping with it or even having to worry about it weighing too much.

Campfires are a great way to know you are camping and enjoy the nature and cooking naturally. However, with a lot of the pots and kettles, you will find they are not going to work that well on the fire. We have found this one seems to work fairly well on the fire and this makes it easier for you to enjoy the drink you want to have, but also you have to use caution when you are heating the water over the fire because of the handles chance of getting so hot.

The shape may not seem like it would be that big of an issue, but for me, it is important to have a nice shape that is easy to use. That is because my kids like to use this as well. Granted they are older, but they are not used to the new designs and tend to like the original designs more than the newer ones. So the design of the kettle is something else that I find nice about the kettle as it means you do not have to learn how to use something new!

What I Did Not Like About The Alocs Ultralight Tea Kettle For Camping

The handle is rather thin and that is why I strongly cautioned using this over a fire. That is because the handle is so thin that it could melt on you. However, if you are in the mood for using this on a fire, then you can do that. You just have to be careful when you are using this product to make sure you do not melt the handle or you could have issues with the way it is going to work.

My Final Thoughts On The Alocs Ultralight Tea Kettle

The weight is a great feature with this kettle and that can definitely be a great feature. At the same time, though, you will find the metal is kind of on the thin side. The kettle does its job, but if you want something that will last you for years to come, then you may want to consider a thicker metal piece as it will not burn through as bad and this makes it easier for you to have a kettle that you can continue to use for years to come.

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