Browning Camping Privacy Shelter





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Introducing Browning Camping Privacy Shelter

Whether you need a place to change clothes, shower, or have extra privacy when “nature calls,” the Browning Privacy Shelter will give you plenty of internal space. The fiberglass poles give the Privacy.

Our Final Take Of The Browning Privacy Shelter

Looking at this shelter and in this category you may be disappointed that you are not looking at a tent. However, I have found that getting changed in a tent can be a lot harder than what you imagined. What else I discovered is it can be impossible to get changed at times with some privacy or even worse get to use the facilities without everyone looking at you because of how your campsite is set up. This is when you will find a privacy shelter like this is easily one of the best options that you can use. Not only is the shelter going to provide you with quite a bit of space, it will give you the privacy you want and even better it is vented at the top. So you will not stink yourself out of the place with your toilet. Overall, we have to say this is a great idea and one that if you have the extra space you should take along with you.

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