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Discover The Camping Blue Enamel Coffee Pot With Perculation

As we have said in our other coffee maker reviews, coffee is one of those drinks that we have to get to start the day off with right. If we do not get coffee we tend to be grumpy and not want to do anything all day. However, when we are camping it is very difficult for us to find the right cup of coffee at times to drink.  In this article we will be covering the Camp Coffee Pot companies offering in the Camping Blue Enamel Coffee Pot with perculation equipment. So with that being said, let us start to do this article, but please note this may not be as long as our articles usually are when we are doing a review of a product.

Features Of The Camping Blue Enamel Coffee Pot

This is a pot that has a durable blue enamel finish. This is going to allow the coffee perculators to have the protection that you want to have from the discoloration of the metal, but also the enamel will help to keep the pot looking great for a longer period of time without any type of damage coming to the pot.

The rim of this is going to be made from stainless steel. This is going to make it easier for you to have something that will allow you to easily identify the pot, but also makes it easier for you to have an item that is going to resist the staining and ruination that can come from the coffee, but also the storage of the coffee perculator over the long winters that we all dread when it is time to go camping.

With the insert that is meant for the perculation of the coffee it is made from aluminum. This is a good thing, but at the same the same time a bad thing. That is because this is going to be flimsy at times and can easily bend. Think about the aluminum pop cans that you crush, they are made from aluminum and even with this being a steel tube type of aluminum it is not the strongest on the market.

What We Did Not Like With The Camping Coffee Percolator

As we mentioned in the features was the percolator portion that is made from aluminum. This is a part that can easily fail because it is hard to make aluminum strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse and this means that it is very easy to break it if you are not careful. However, if you are careful with this part it will last a long time, but for us it is just a little bit to much on the flimsy side.

The blue enamel which is a great selling point because it looks great is also a downfall as well. We have had a tea kettle that had enamel coating on it and it started to get a scorched bottom, but also the enamel can start to chip off if you are not careful. Then you are left with nothing more than a coffee pot that is chipping and starting to look bad.

Finally the other aspect that we do not like and it is mainly because we come from the old school type of percolator and that is the fact the coffee tends to puff up, for lack of a better word, into the lid and this would let you know that your coffee is getting close to being done. However, this does not do that and this makes it into a guesswork or remembering to set a timer so you can get the coffee done.

Our Final Thoughts On The Camp Coffee Pot Coffee Percolator 

This is a coffee percolator that has a single job to do and that is make coffee. However, it does work great at keeping water warm as well. The downside is this is one you have to use a watch to set for the coffee to get done with, but at the same time the percolator insert is not going to be made from a very sturdy and durable material. So you may have an issue with the percolator lasting you for a long period of time without breaking.  With this percolator we do have to say we have reviewed other models that do the same exact job, but in our opinion do it slightly better or in a manner we are familiar with. So if you can get some of the other percolators we would do that, but if not this one will serve its job.


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