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Dog running in mud


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Camping With Dog Supplies

Dog running in mudWhen you decide to go camping with your dog, you are going to be bringing along one of your favorite companions. However, when you do bring your dog with you or any pet for that matter you need to make sure you know about some of the supplies you need to bring with you. Some of these will look similar if you are a frequent reader we did how to keep your dog warm while camping and you can catch up on some of our pet posts.  Now, we are going to cover a little bit of the camping with dog supplies you need to make sure you bring with you. Hopefully, this little list will help you remember what you need to bring when you go camping with your dog.

ID Tags In Addition To The Collar And License

This is something that you normally may not think about because you think the tag is going to be enough for your dog. However, if you are going camping with your dog you need to bring along additional tags and identification for your dogs. In some cases, you may even have to bring along a health certification from your veterinarian for your dogs. A key thing to bring is photos that are fairly current of your dog in case they get out of your tent or camper and runoff. The current photos make it easier for you to have a chance to show the images to people and see if they are going to recognize your dog. The additional identification will give you a secondary means of identifying your dog as well.

Extra Dog Food And Travel Bowls

You know you have to bring dog food with you. That is a given, but what you need to realize is you will want to bring along some extra dog food as well. This will allow you to give your dog extra food if they need it to adjust, but it also helps out if you end up staying in the campground for a couple of extra days. While you may notice the travel bowls are not that durable, they are going to be a great option for you to save some space in your tent or RV as these bowls can collapse down in most cases. You will notice, these bowls can help out in getting the extra space and can even be brought with you on hikes you are taking your dogs on.

Blankets Or A Bed Specific For Your Dog

Having your dog sleep on the ground is not really a good option at times. However, what you will find is sometimes you will need to bring along a bed that is meant for your dog. These beds will want to be the kind that you can easily wash if they have to be on the floor of the tent, but it could be the kind that is elevated as well. You just want to make sure you have the bed that can be washed and if your dog is prone to getting cold, even in the middle of summer some dogs will get cold, so make sure you have some blankets for your dogs to use as well.

Bug Spray

This is a no-brainer for yourself, but you need to remember your dogs are going to get bugged by the insects just as much. Since the bugs can get to your dogs as well you need to make sure you bring a pet safe bug spray. Finding one that is safe for your pet is actually more of a challenge than what you would expect. However, it is key that you find a bug spray that is safe for your dogs to use and still provides them with the protection they need to have from the pest.

Strong Leash And Collar 

I cannot stress this point enough. You need to make sure you have a leash and collar that is very strong and can handle your dogs. Even if you have a regular cloth lead you use and a nice collar you need to consider beefing it up some. This way you are going to have the dogs under control all the time, but also will have a chance to make sure the dogs are not going to get away from you. However, if you have a larger dog already and they are using the leather leash and collar, you may want to consider beefing it up. You can beef it up a lot of times by getting a second collar for the dogs or if you do not mind getting one a pinch collar or a nylon collar as well.

When you are getting a leash you will want to consider the strength of the rivets of the handle and how secure the handle is to the collar. This way you are able to hold onto your dogs and keep control over them. What else you will find with the stronger attachment of the handle to the leash is you will not have to worry about the handle breaking off from the leash and your dog running off on you.

A First Aid Kit For Dogs

While I know you will want to bring a first aid kit with you for yourself, if you are bringing your dog you need to make sure you have a first aid kit that is geared for the dogs. This can include bandages, wraps, and even different medications that are meant for your dogs. You will find this is going to be completely different medications than what you would be using for yourself as the dogs can take some of the same medications, but they cannot take the same medication all the time.

Clothing Meant For Dogs

You may start to giggle at this suggestion, but you will want to take it seriously as you will find your dogs may feel more comfortable if they had some clothing on depending on the weather. For example, if your dogs are scared of storms, which are a possibility of happening while camping you need to bring one of the thunder shirts with you. However, if you are looking at camping in the cooler months, then you may find that your dogs will welcome the addition of a shirt to help keep them warm. So finding the clothing can really help you out with your dogs and can even provide them a bit of comfort compared to what you may be used to having for your pets.

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A Simple List – But Very Helpful For Dogs Going Camping

As you can tell this is a very simple list, but it is one that has a lot of things on it. Some of the things are ones that you would not think about, but others are ones you cannot go camping without. No matter what, you will find that bringing along the right camping with dog supplies can help you have an enjoyable time when you are using your camping gear for its intended purpose of camping.

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