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Introducing The Cocoon Kids’ Ripstop Kid Sleeping Bag

A warm, windproof, fleece sleeping bag with a water-repellent and breathable ripstop nylon shell. Ideal sleep sack for camping and slumber parties. Fits up to 5 ft. tall.

Face it, kids like to go camping and when they do go camping they tend to like being able to have a comfortable sleeping bag to get down into. I know that my kids really like this, even if it means they have to try to steal my sleeping bag. Let me tell you how much fun that is when your kids are already in bed sleeping and in your bag and you have to try to convince them to get out of your bag to their own! It is not that much fun as you can imagine. Since that is the case, a lot of camping companies have come out with kid specific sleeping bags, one of which is the Cocoon sleeping bag that we are going to talk about here.

Features Of The Cocoon Kids’ Ripstop Kid Sleeping Bag

  • Shell: 100% Nylon Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 2-way No. 5 YKK zipper
  • Nyon stuff sack
  • Temp Rating 60°F
  • Pack weight 1 lb, 10oz
  • Hand wash only

What Temperature Works Best For The Cocoon Sleeping Bag?

The simple answer to this is most of the people who have spoken of this sleeping bag have commented on the temperature being in the fifty to eighty degree range. This means the sleeping bag is going to be good for the summer months more often, but when you factor in the kids are usually in school come the winter months and no one really wants to take their kids camping in the middle of winter. With that being said, this sleeping bag, even with the cocoon name, it is more of a later spring and summer sleeping bag.

Is The Sleeping Bag To Heavy For Kids?

Normally you would think about a sleeping bag as needing to be light weight for kids and that is exactly what you get here. When you look at this sleeping bag you will find it is going to be lighter in weight. This sleeping bag makes it easier for your kids to move around and not really have to be concerned about the kids not being able to carry the sleeping bag on their own because of the weight restricting them in carrying the sleeping bag.

Will The Cocoon Sleeping Bag Keep Out The Wind And Rain

The answer to this question is actually going to depend really on what the kids are exposed to. For the most part since this is the ripstop Nylon, it can be water and wind proof. However, just like everything if the rain or wind is coming from the top of the sleeping bag then it may not be as waterproof as what you would think it is going to be.

Is The Cocoon Ripstop Nylon Sleeping Bag Noisy? 

Now this is going to be the make or break point for a lot of parents. The noise level that is present in the sleeping bag is going to be a factor that a lot of people need to consider. The sleeping bag is made from nylon, so in my own experience with other sleeping bags that are made from nylon it really depends on how much your kids are going to toss and turn.

Our Final Thoughts 

Kids need a sleeping bag that is meant for them. I know that from experience or you could end up having a very cold night sleeping because they are going to steal your sleeping bag. However, finding the perfect kids sleeping bag is going to be a difficult thing to do. With the market being limited in kids specific sleeping bags you need to know all the information you can about the bags to guarantee you find the right one. Overall, we found the Cocoon sleeping bag to be decent for the kids, but it was far from being the most comfortable sleeping bag that we have talked of. If you want an affordable sleeping bag that your kids can enjoy, though, you cannot go wrong.

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