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Connecticut A Great State For Camping If You Know Where To Go

Camping photoCamping is a great way to get out of the city and connect with nature. However, it really depends on if you know where you are going if you are going to have a good trip or one that is just among the humdrum that you have heard about people complaining about when they talk about why they do not like going camping. Since this is the case, we have decided to continue our series on some of the best campgrounds around the United States. This time we are going to cover some of the best campgrounds in Connecticut, so you can finally find the best campground to go camping in and know you are going to have a fantastic trip while you are camping.

How Did I Narrow Down My List

When I started to look at the campgrounds in Connecticut I was looking at the different things you could do in the campground, but also about some of the features, the campgrounds offered for you with regards to the amenities that are not considered something you would do, like a shower or bathroom, those are a necessity. What else we did was considered the area the campground was located in as well, which allowed you to know if it was easy to access or if you would spend hours driving each way to only find out after the fact that the campground was in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. So we weighed a lot of factors into our search to make sure you have a great time when you camp in the Constitution State.

Charlie Brown Campground

The Charlie Brown Campground is one of those places that you will fall in love with because of the location, but also because of where it is going to offer for you to have. The campground is located near the town of Eastford, Connecticut. What is great about the campground is it is nestled in a total of 12,000 acres and it is surrounded by the various state parks and forest. However, what else is great is the rivers that are around the campground around here. When you are at the Charlie Brown Campground you will notice it does have fishing, swimming, and a wide variety of other activities for you to do, which is going to make the campground even more enjoyable for the camping. The campground does have a volleyball court, horseshoes, and a soccer field as well for the campers to enjoy.

Cozy Hills Campground

Cozy Hills Campground is a beautiful place located in the Northwestern corner of Connecticut. The place has quite a bit for you to enjoy, but it is also going to be a great place that you are going to want to know offers a variety of spots for you to go and enjoy. Like a lot of the campgrounds in Connecticut, this is a seasonal place that you are able to enjoy, but it is also a place you will enjoy because it is going to allow you to find something to do or stay. If you are at the campground over the summer months, you will like the fact, as well as your kids, that they do have an inground pool for the campers. Enjoying nature is definitely something you will want to do when you are at Cozy Hills and that is possible when you find out the campground offers a 12-acre wildlife pond that is open for non-motor boating and fishing. If you do not have a boat, you can rest easier because they do offer canoe and kayak rentals as well. What else is great about Cozy Hills is the fact they do have an on-site cafe that is open for the weekend and they have themed weekends for the campers who are looking for a great camping trip with a theme.

West Thompson Lake

Wests Thompson Lake Campground is a place that you will find on as it is a beautiful park that is government ran. This is going to mean that you will have some laws you will have to follow, but you will find the campground is well worth going to. The West Thompson Lake Campground is located on the side of the lake that it is named after, which is going to make it even better for you to enjoy this lake. So this is going to make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great campground that does have direct water access for boating and fishing, for warm water fish. The park does have a boat ramp, which makes it easier for you to get into the water with your boat. Kids are going to enjoy the fact you are able to find the campground does have an 18 hole frisbee golf disc course. When you look at the campground you need to realize what else makes this place so amazing is the limited number of camp sites. Only 11 sites have full hookups, 11 of them are meant for tents, but they have 2 of the lean to type of shelters as well.

Lone Oak Campground

Lone Oak Campground is located in the Northwestern part of the state. It is a campground that does have quite a bit in the way of campsites as it offers 469 sites on just around 250 acres on the ground. So this is definitely going to make it seem like it is a little cramped at times. So this is definitely a campground that is going to be large, but with it being spread out over so much land you do have a chance to find the right land that you need to have and know it is going to work for your camping needs as they have quite a range of sites to select from. When you are at Lone Oak Campground you will notice it does offer quite a bit in the way of amenities from anything from the lounge for adults, to the cafe. You will also like the fact this is going to have some great pools and hot tubs for everyone to enjoy and they have a recreation hall as well if it starts to get to warm for you outside.

Hammonasett Beach State Park

This is beach camping at its best. Hammonasett is a place that is actually located on the Long Island Sound and with that location comes a lot of beach front footage. In fact, 2 miles if you want to know about how much beachfront the place has.  At this place you will notice the camping is very seasonal as the wind coming off of the sound is going to be chilly no matter what time of year you are in the location. The campground does offer saltwater fishing, scuba diving, and some amazing swimming if you want to go on a great swim. You do have to use caution if you are swimming because of the way the waters are and make sure you follow the local guidelines on when and where swimming is allowed.

Peppertree Camping

With the location of Peppertree Campground you will find that it is simply an amazing place. The location has some of the best places that you can find and it is going to be a great place if you want to enjoy the Natchaug River or even the state forest of the same name. The forest is located directly across the street from the campground and the river is around the campground as well. What else is nice is the location does have a variety of sites from full hook up type of sites to sites that are meant for tent only. When you are at Peppertree Campground you will notice that it does have some great options available ranging from cable television to the wireless Internet. So you will be able to keep up with all the different news and going ons that are happening around the world.

Wilderness Lake Campground

Wilderness Lake is a place that has some amazing and pristine land for you to explore. It definitely has some expansive land to cover as it has over a hundred acres with it. However, what you will really like about the location is the location because it is easy for you to get to from Massachusetts and Connecticut as it is only a short distance from most places in both states as it is located in the Northeastern corner of the state just off of I84. At the campground you will notice it is going to offer a variety of options as well from the home theater style location in the lodge to the beautiful lake that is fresh water, but great for boating and swimming. The kids will like the volleyball court and the new playground for the younger kids, but also the tribal village is one you will enjoy as well.

Salt Rock Campground

Salt Rock is a great campground that is run by the state, but that does not detract from the beauty of the park. The one thing that you will notice is the campground does not have as much in the way of amenities when you compare it to the other parks that are privately owned. With the campground you will notice that it does have over a mile of river frontage and this definitely lends to quite a bit of the attractions. So this is going to be something the campground does have to offer for them, but it also has a swimming pool that is available for the  campers. The park does have trails and it also has the river which makes this a great campground for you to go and visit.

How To Narrow Down The Campground To Stay At? 

The list that we have provided you is a good one, but to really find the campground that is going to work best for you, then you will want to look at all the campgrounds offer. However, you also need to consider what you can do as a family at the campground. Then you will have a chance to make an educated decision on where you are going to stay. The key thing is to know what your family wants to have on a vacation or a camping trip. By knowing this it will be easier for you to find the perfect campground to go camping in and know your dream trip is going to become a reality because of the camping you are doing and the campground that you have found to stay at.

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