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Find The Guide Gear 8 Person Speed Dome Tent

When you are camping you may want to have some extra room in the tent, no matter where you are going. This is very true if you are a family that has been cramped up with each other for a long period of time or want to have siblings separated. With that being the case, we have decided to cover the Guide Gear 8 Person Speed Dome Tent review here so you can see if this is the tent you should be using for your next family camping trip or not.

Features Of The Guide Gear 8 Person Speed Dome Tent

The tent is going to be one that you will like because it is easy to set up. In fact, most people have reported they are able to get the tent set up in under 15 minutes and that is pretty amazing when you look at the size of this tent. That only means the more you use the tent the faster it will be for you to get the tent put up and this makes it easier for you to get a safe and protected area quickly if the weather starts to turn on you.

The walls of the tent are a mesh style and that makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the comfort that you want to have, but also allows you to have the tent open if you need to for ventilation and not have to be concerned about the tent giving you any problems because of the lack of ventilation for the tent.

This is a tent that is going to measure 14’x9’x6′. This makes it easier for you to have plenty of space inside of the tent to get comfortable, but also spread out and this will make it easier for you to get the comfort you want to have with the tent that is going to have the extra space that you need to have.

How Many People Will The Tent Fit? 

This is a tent that is claimed to fit eight people. However, we have to say that the tent does seem to be a little small to comfortably fit eight adults. If it was a combination of a family I could see the tent fitting that many people. The square footage of the tent is only 126 sq ft, so that does seem to be a little bit on the small size. However, if you do not mind sleeping with other people almost on top of you then I could see 8 people.

Is This Tent Easy To Put Up ?

Now with a lot of the Guide Gear products they are always bragging about how easy the tent is to put up. What is really nice is this tent is one that we have found that does hold up to this name and for the most part it is fairly easy for you to get the tent up and ready. However, it all depends on how many people you have helping you out to get the tent up, but also will depend on what the weather is like since it always seems to be crappy weather when you need to get the tent up quickly.

What Is Included With The Tent? 

This is a tent that does come with the guide wires, tent pegs, and even a zip bag to store the tent in. Now what you need to realize is this will make it quite a bit easier for you to know what you should be getting as an extra piece of equipment for the tent and to help you in keeping the tent stabilized properly and not have to worry about it getting blown away with you on.

Who Would Like This Tent The Most?

This is a tent that families will like because it does provide enough space that we think a family would like the tent. However, if you are camping with the guys or the gals then the tent may seem a little cramped. The tent is good for a family, and that is what we like about the tent because it does provide that amount of space that you would want to have with the family.

Who Would Not Like The Guide Gear 8 Person Tent? 

We have to say that people who are going to be larger guys would not like the tent because it would be a little cramped on space. However, the hikers will not like the tent either because it is going to take up quite a bit of space in your gear and the weight will get to you after just a short time walking on the trails.

Our Final Thoughts On The Guide Gear 8 Person Tent

This is a tent that you are going to like if you want to have a larger tent that you can use for camping, but not really have to worry about extra space. That is because the tent is 14×9, but will fit 8 people. I know that would be a very cramped tent, but that is what the manufacturer says the tent will hold. For me, I would rather have a tent that has extra space so we recommend this for families. However, at the same time we do have to say for the guys or girls get away this tent may not be large enough.


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