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Discover The Hog Wild Original Roasting Reel 

Roasting a hot dog or marshmallows has never been so much fun before. However, what is even more fun than combining a couple of great past times together to make it even more fun? Well, we could not think of anything else and that is why we LOVE the Hog Wild Original Roasting Reel for marshmallows or hot dogs. That is also why we have decided it was time for us to do a review of this great product so you can know if this is going to work for your needs or not.

What We Love About The Hog Wild Roasting Reel

Simply put we love the design of this. The fishing reel look is definitely something that we like and it is definitely something the kids love. So this design is going to make it a unique item that you are going to want to have around the fire when you are making your marshmallows or even if you want to start to get the Smore’s started up. Just make sure you have all the fixings to make it easier for you to get the right Smore’s completed.

The extension method and the reeling back in feature is nice as well. When you get the stick fully extended out it is going to be 27 inches long. So you do not have to be concerned about the stick getting your kids to close to the fire. However, you will also enjoy the fact this is going to be easier for you to get the kids to enjoy making their own marshmallows instead of relying on you to make them all the time.

Now when you have to clean up some of the sticks that you would use for roasting marshmallows you will notice it is going to be difficult to clean them up. However, this is a novelty type of item that is actually being used. So you will like the fact that you can clean these up rather easily because the fork part actually detaches from the  fishing reel part and this is going to make it easier for you to get the stakes cleaned off.

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