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Learn How To Use A Coffee Percolator

When you have looked at all the camping gear you need, you have a chance of noticing that you are going to have a coffee percolator included in the list. While this may not seem like it would be that bad, but how many times have you used a coffee percolator? Well, if you are like most people the chances are you are looking at your computer screen or phone screen going well I never use one or have never used one before. Now, before you start to sign off crying because you are unsure what exactly you are going to do or how you can make the coffee we have come to your help here with the directions on how to use a coffee percolator. Then you can use these percolators and know that you will have a chance to make the coffee you want to have and know it will be done perfectly.

Supplies You Will Need To Use A Coffee Percolator

Well, I guess the first thing you will need to know is some of the key things you will need to bring in your camping gear to use a coffee percolator. Some of these will be straightforward, but I have to admit I want to put them in the list because I have seen people, a good example is one of my Facebook friends, who had one instruction or item left out and even though it should have been obvious they did not do the step and the end product did not turn out right.

  • Coffee of your choice. This should already be ground unless you have the coffee grinder with you. You should check the basket as well to see if the grounds will fit through the filter or not.
  • If you are able to use a filter you may want to consider this because it will help to keep the grounds down in the coffee. Some of the percolators are going to need this as well because of the holes in the basket can be bigger and allow some of the grounds to go through.
  • Basket and stem is going to be another feature that is a requirement for the coffee percolator. This is the part that will fit down into the body of the container and will have the boiling water go up through it. When you are getting these it is important to make sure the stem is not bent or you could have issues using the percolator.
  • The percolator itself is something else that you are going to want to consider as well because this will need to be the main thing you should be bringing with you.  So you definitely need to have this with you.
  • You will also need to have some way to heat the percolator up. This can be an open fire, a camp stove, or something else. These are going to vary depending on the model of the percolator you are buying. So you will want to make sure you follow the ways that were given to you by the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Water is another key item that you will need to have. You may realize this, but as I said before I am trying to bring down everything that I can think of you would need to have.
  • You also are going to need to have your coffee cup, milk, sugar or whatever you are planning on putting in your coffee once it is done. This way you can finally get your coffee and know it will be done right.

The Steps For Using A Coffee Percolator

The first thing you will need to do is measure out the water you are going to use. This means you will need to pour it into the cup you are planning on using or have some type of measuring system you can use to know how much water you have. So this is going to be something you are going to like because it makes it easier for you to get the coffee and water balanced out properly.

Once you have the water measured out you will want to take your coffee and put in a scoop for every cup of water if you want a stronger brew. If you want weaker obviously do not add as much coffee. The coffee will go into the basket of the percolator. Some people will recommend having this installed in the percolator already,  but some want to have this on the outside in case they spill.  A key point here is if you are going to use a coffee filter with this, then you may want to consider putting it in before you put the coffee in the basket.

After you have the coffee and water in the percolator you can take and put the lid on the percolator. Then you will be able to put this over the heat that you are able to use with the percolator. You will find it interesting that some of these can be put directly on the fire. However, I would recommend the camp stove to being one of the best options that you can use.

After about five to fifteen minutes, depending on the amount of heat you will start to hear the classic percolator sounds. This is a good thing and it will allow you to have the coffee ready in just a few minutes as it will not take long once it has started to percolate. The best way to gauge the coffee is by the time if you know how long it will take, but this will come with experience. The other method you are going to want to use to check the doneness of the coffee will be glass or plastic knob that will show you the water when it is coming up. The darker it gets the closer to being done the coffee is and you will want to gauge how done the coffee is by how it looks.

Now All That Is Left Is To Enjoy The Coffee

While the coffee percolator is not the optimum way to brew coffee for a lot of people, it is a method that will work at getting the coffee done while you are camping. Now that you know how to use a coffee percolator you will not have to be concerned about using this when you are out in the middle of the campground and want to have your cup of coffee.

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