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Learn About The Hydroheat Flameless Tumbler

Sometimes when you are camping, you may come into something called a burn ban. Yes, they do happen and sometimes they are going to be a complete burn ban that will not even allow you to have a small cooking fire. Since this is the case, what are you going to do to make the food that you want to eat or the coffee you need to drink? Well, it used to be that you would go without or hope that you could find someplace to make the stuff while you were on the trail. Now you can rest a little bit easier because you can find out about the Hydroheat Flameless tumbler, which is a great option for you to use and have available. That is because this is a tumbler that will heat up your drink for you quickly, but also makes it easier for you to have it heated up without using a fire or electric. With that being said, let us take and explore the Hydroheat Flameless Tumbler some more.

Features Of The Hydroheat Flameless Tumbler

This is a product that the tumbler itself is made from stainless steel. You may not think about this as being a good option, but you need to realize without the extra worry of the tumbler failing you because it starts to crack or even worse rust. So this is going to be something that you are going to want to look at because it will make it easier for you to keep the tumbler for a little bit longer than what you may have been able to with a lot of the other cups you have had in the past.

Does not use any type of flame or electric for heat. Yes, this is a tumbler and it is going to require something to heat up. However, the way it is designed it was made to make it quite a bit easier as you just have to add in water to the bottom of the tumbler and then the heat pack. After you do this it will make it quite a bit easier to get food or drink you are using heated up.

Portability is another feature a lot of people that are hiking or camping are going to enjoy as well. Now you may be asking yourself why this is a great option and why it is included here and the answer is easy. It is because this is a great way for you to get the item and bring it with you on the go, but also know that it is a tumbler type of cup so it is not going to take up a lot of space in you backpack or your camping gear that you may need for something else.

How Often Can You Use The Heat Packs? 

Now the downside is the sake of convenience of not having to use a fire or electric does come at a price. That is the fact this is a product that does need to have a new heat pack each time you are planning on using it. So this can be a little frustrating at times for some people because this will be another item they have to purchase. However, if you are camping in an area with a complete burn ban it is a lot better doing that, compared to facing jail time for having a camp cooking fire.

Can The Tumbler Be Used To Make Coffee? 

This really depends on the type of coffee that you are planning on making. You will notice some of the coffee you are going to make will be instant and can be added directly into the water without having the grounds as a problem. If this is what you are using then you will be okay with the tumbler. If the coffee you are using requires a filter then you may want to consider a different option because this will heat the water up for you, but it will not percolate the coffee for you.

Our Final Thoughts On The Hydroheat Flameless Heat Tumbler

Well, we have to say this is definitely a great idea and one that we really are drawn to. We have had areas where a burn ban was in effect and you could not have any fire going at all. This made it a real pain to cook food over the fire, but we adapted. At the same time it was nearly impossible for us to get the coffee or tea, which this is great for tea that is, completely made in the mornings. With this being said, we really like the fact this is an item that allows you to heat up what you are making without using a flame or electric. The one downside is you do have to get the heat packs, but those are relatively inexpensive compared to the potential fine or jail time if you are caught with a fire in a burn ban area. Definitely something to consider for your next hiking trip.

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