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Find The Review Of The Mountain Trails Current Hiker 2 Person Tent

Hiking tents are a great thing to have because you are going to want to have a place to stay while you are hiking. However, with all the hiking tents on the market it is hard to find a tent that you can take hiking and that often means wasting hours on Google finding the best tent. We have taken the guesswork out of the tent by finding the Mountain Trails Current Hiker 2 Person tent.

Mountain Trail is a brand that has been around since 1991 and the company was formed by a pair of hikers. In fact, it was  after getting done on a hike and mountain climbing expedition that the founders of the company started it out. So its easy to see that the Mountain Trails company definitely can connect with you.

Features Of The Mountain Trails Hiker Tent

The first thing you are going to fall in love with is the size the tent compacts down to and the lightweight of the tent. This makes it easier for you to compress the tent down to a very small size that can easily fit in your backpack, but also the weight is only 3.5 pounds and this meas you do not have to struggle to hike with the tent.

The floor of the tent is a welded polyethylene and this makes it easier for you to enjoy the tent and know the leaks you may have seen in other tents are not going to happen here. This means you can finally hike and know if it starts to rain you will still be dry.

Polyester mesh roofing vents are a key thing for you to consider in a tent. Normally you would not think about a roof vent. However, if you are camping in summer ventilation is very important.These vents make it easy for you to have your tent vented properly, and now the heat will escape because they are in the ceiling of the tent.

Are The Tent Flaps Inside Or Outside?

The windows do have flaps and that is the nice feature. However, what you need to realize is  the mesh covering is on the outer side of the tent and the flap you have will make it easy because it makes it easy for you to close down the flaps if it starts to pour rain on you in the middle of the night.

Does The Tent Have  A Storage Pocket?

Hiking all the time you already are carrying your id and other things in your pocket. However, when you get to your tent you generally want to peel everything off and just rest. This leaves you trying to find your wallet and everything else in the morning. With this tent it has a small utility pocket that makes it easier for you to store some of your personal items or even store some type of protection item.

How Easy Is This Tent To Take Down?

Taking down and setting up a tent can be a major pain. I know that my daughter had a tent that we would literally spend an hour trying to get the shock poles guided first, let alone get the tent up. This is what else makes the Mountain Trails brand and products such a great tent and that is the ease it is to set up, but also how simple it is to take down by using the labels that are provided for the fold points.

Does The Tent Secure Easily? 

This is something else that we get asked quite a bit and that is how easy the tent is to secure. With this tent it will secure with elastic bands and rolls up very easily. So you can easily store this in your backpack or if you have the straps available you can strap it onto your backpack. Either way this will be an easy tent for you to move around and carry on the hiking trip that you are going on.

Who Will Benefit The Most With This Tent

The people who will benefit the most are those who like going hiking and having enough space for two people. When you hike here it will be easy for you to go out on your trip and know you have your shelter, but also know because this tent is very light weight that you are going to have a tent that will not put a lot of extra load on your shoulders or back. You will also enjoy this tent if you are camping in weather that is going to be dry and not really rainy as the tent may have some issues standing up to a steady or heavy rainfall.

Who Would Not Like This Tent?

Now, the people who would not like this tent are those who camp with more than 2 people in the tent, but also the people who are planning on going camping where they could be stuck in a very cold area. Yes, the windows do have flaps, but those are only going to do so much. Remember this tent is very light which means that it does not have as much in the way of wall material for thickness that some of the other tents that are geared towards winter camping would have. It is important to note that if you are planning on being out in the weather, then you may want to consider a different tent because this tent is not going to have as tight of a seal that you would want it to have around the windows and doors.

Our Final Thoughts

Hiking and needing a tent tend to go hand in hand. However, what you need to realize is finding a hiking tent is going to be very difficult to do because of the choice that you have available. I know that I literally spent hours looking at tents one day to see what was available and because it is what I do. With that being the case, we have come to the conclusion that Mountain Trails is a brand that you can trust when you are looking for some great hiking gear. The founders are hikers themselves and know the pain of trying to find the right gear. We have to say if you are looking for a decent and affordable hiking tent then you cannot go wrong here.

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