Ohuhu 3 Person Tent with Carry Bag





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Introducing The Ohuhu 3 Person Tent

Features Of The Ohuhu 3 Person Family Tent

  • Uses 8 steel pegs and 4 ropes to help in getting the tent held down sturdy and in the position that you need to have it at.
  • Has a rain fly that is going to make it easier for you to keep the rain off of your tent.
  • The bottom of the tent has been reported as being waterproof, but their are some reports that if you do not seal the seams properly it will start to leak and this can be a major issue if you are camping and it starts pouring rain.
  • The Ohuhu has 2 interior pockets that will make it easier for you to stuff some of your belongings into it and keep them in an area that you know where they are located at.
  • With this tent it is one that can be used as a beach tent because you can set up the rain fly on its own if you need to.

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Our Final Take On The Ohuhu

This tent seems to be all over the place in regards to how it is going to be used and how it stands up. Yes, most of the reviews on Amazon are very positive and out of the 46 reviews only 2% at this time are negative. With that being said, you will find this is not really a good thing because it means you have 2% of the people out of 46 or roughly 4 people thought it was a bad tent. What we read, though, was nothing really major as far as issues that would be specific to this single tent. In fact, we have read some of the same reports about the Coleman tents that we have reviewed. Overall, we think this is a tent that can serve you quite well if you need a decent tent for a quick camping trip. If you need one for a more in depth camping trip, then you may want to consider some of the other tents that we have reviewed.

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