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Discover The Onticco Single Cup Silicone Coffee Maker

When you are camping or hiking space is at a premium which is why so many people use smaller coffee makers. This usually is not an issue for people, but when you look at the different coffee makers on the market it can quickly become difficult to find the right one to buy. This is why we are continuing our series on the coffee makers or tea makers that you can bring camping with you. In this article, we are going to talk on the Onticco Single Cup Silicone Coffee Maker.

What I Like About The Onticco Single Cup Silicone Coffee Maker

The compactness is one of the main features that I like with this coffee maker. You may have never considered this before, but you need to realize this is a coffee maker that because it is made from silicone will easily collapse down on itself. This makes it easier for you to store and in my experience allows you to have more than one should you need to have a second cup or want to have a cup later on in the day.

Single cup serving is another factor that I really like. While I do like to drink coffee, it has a tendency to act like a diuretic at times for me. So having a single cup I am okay with, but if I have more than one I tend to have to go a lot more. With this being able to work for only a single cup, it makes it quite a bit easier for me to get the coffee I need without going overboard on how much I am going to drink at a single time.

With this type of coffee maker you will notice it is going to take a pour over. This method is one of the older methods and it does tend to give you a strong flavor of coffee. I personally use this method to get the iced coffee I make. What you do have to be mindful of is this method does make it a little bit more unstable when you are pouring water into the cup.

What I Did Not Like With The Silicone Single Cup Coffee Maker

As much as I love the pour over method, I also hate it when camping because the picnic tables and even campers are never stable enough. Yes, I know this really depends on where you move it to. However, in my experience even if I have the cup set in a holder that is bolted down it tends to turn over because of wind or kids. Not only does this mean I have a water mess, but it also means I have lost all of the precious drink.

My Final Thoughts On The Onticca Silicone Single Cup Coffee Maker

When I am camping I want to have a cup of coffee. Yes, I know it can be difficult to make, but I love my drinks. What is even better is I know that I need to have coffee to get me going each morning, at least that is what my body says. At the same time, I know that coffee is hard to make while camping. With the Onticco Single Cup Coffee Maker it works decent and stores nicely. At the very best it does make a single cup of coffee. At the worst, it can turn over if you do not have your cup properly balanced and this can lead to you losing all of your coffee. Either way, it is a decent buy and does the job it is supposed to.

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