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Introducing The OuterEQ Sleeping Bag

The OutrEQ sleeping bag is one that not too many people have heard about before, but what you need to realize is this is actually a good quality sleeping bag that is going to last you for a long period of time. However, you may be asking yourself why you would even want to consider this brand of sleeping bag over some of the other better know brands on the market? Well, that really comes down to affordability as this is a lower priced sleeping bag. The good news is that the lower price is not really going to discount from the product at all and it will actually allow you to get even more camping gear to use on your next camping trip. With that being the case, it is now time for us to go out and do our updated review of the OuterEQ sleeping bag.

Features Of This Sleeping Bag

  • This is a backpack style of sleeping bag. Since this is more of a backpack style of sleeping bag it will make it very easy for you to get the sleeping bag and use it. At the same time, you will notice it also makes it easier for you to carry the sleeping bag around with you while you are hiking on the trails.
  • This is a sleeping bag that is going to have the polyester cover that you normally would like to see on any sleeping bag because it makes it easier for cleaning. However, this also makes it easier to ensure you are going to get the sleeping bag that is warmer and often a little bit water resistanct. The liner of the sleeping bag is cotton and it will be something that is nice as well because the cotton will make it a lot warmer than what you are going to expect.
  • The size of this sleeping bag is important to know about as it is 30 inches wide and only 75 inches wide. So this will fit someone who is six foot, but it could be a tight fit if you like to have a lot of sleeping bag above your head to help keep you comfortable at night when you are sleeping.
  • While this is not really a cold weather sleeping bag it is one that is goign to keep you warm on the later spring and summer nights when the temperatures can get into the lower fifties to higher forties. So this is definitely something you need to consider because it will make it easier for you to stay warm and know you are not going to overly get cold with the temperature changing to much.
  • Weight is a major concern when you are using a sleeping bag for hiking purposes. With this sleeping bag you will find it is not going to come in overly heavy as it is going to weigh abour 700 grams or so. This is actually very light and for what you are getting with the stuff sack for the sleeping bag it will make it quite a bit easier for you to get a sleeping bag you can use.

What I Like With The Sleeping Bag

This is a product that is very lightweight and can be taken on a hiking trip as long as you are expecting mild weather. Now, what else is nice about this is because of the size it means that your kids can bring the sleeping bag with them and the lighter weight is going to allow them to carry it instead of you having to carry it for them in addition to your gear as well.

The waterproof construction is something else that is very nice to see as well. I know that a lot of people whave complained about getting wet when they are using a sleeping bag and that is something that is very easy to have happen. However, what you need to realize is this sleeping bag because of the polyester exterior is going to be waterproof and this means you can finally have a sleeping bag to use at night without having to be concerned about the steady drizzle that could hit.

The carry bag that comes with this sleeping bag is a compression style of sack. Since this is a compression style bag you will not have to worry about getting an extra thing for your camping gear, but also will not have to be concerned about the sleeping bag not working for what you are going to use it for, which in most cases could be hiking. So this makes it easier for you to have a sleeping bag that you can use for years to come and keep it in great condition.

What I Did Not Care For With This Sleeping Bag

Now, I have to say that my husband is not a small guy and this is a sleeping bag that may work for him, but only if he starts to lose quite a bit of weight. That is because the sleeping bag is not really meant for guys that are his size. Even one review on Amazon mentioned that if you are heavier than about two hundred pounds and over six foot one then you could have some problems with the sleeping bag working for your needs because it is going to be a tight fit. So you definitely have to pay attention to your fitness level when you are using this sleeping bag.

My Final Thoughts On The OuterEQ Sleeping Bag

If you are in the market for a good sleeping bag that is not going to weigh a ton and will not really cost you a fortune, then you cannot go wrong here. The sleeping bag has quite a few positive reviews on Amazon and it is light enough that you can shove it into your hiking bag and not have to be concerned about it getting to be to much weight or even taking up the entire bag. Overall, I have to give the OuterEQ Sleeping Bag a buy if you are looking for a decent sleeping bag at a great price.

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