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Discover The Outlite 180 Lumen Portable Solar Camping Light

Camping is a great way to pass the time and it is a fantastic way to bond as a family. The downside is in a campground you usually does not have a lot of lights for you to see and use at night. With that being the case it usually means you are going to need to have a camping lantern or light to make it easier for you to see the campsite and know that you are heading into your tent and getting comfortable as well. With that being the case, we have decided it was time to do the Outlite 180 lumen portable solar camping light review so you can find out if this is the lantern or light you need to have for your next camping trip.

Features Of The Outlite Portable Solar Camping Light

This is a light that is going to use 8 energy saving LED lights that are going to go around in a circle. This allows you to have all the lighting that you need in a 360 degree field and it will make it easier for you to see everything that you need to see to make sure you are going to be able to see everything you would like to see.

The lantern is one that is going to collapse down and make it easier for you to get the storage that you need to have. However, what else is nice is the fact this is a light that is going to be water resistant and this means you do not have to be concerned about the rain affecting your light when you are looking to get out to the camping trip you are taking, but also be able to avoid the issue of the light being ruined if you are hiking to the restrooms and it starts to rain.

When you have this lantern fully charged you will notice it is going to last you for about 8 hours if you have the battery turned on all the way, but if you are using the power saving mode you will notice the battery is going to last almost all night and that is a good thing because it will take a total of 12 hours for it to start to run down and not be useful for you to use anymore.

Is The Lantern Light Enough To Hang In The Tent?

You may start to ask yourself do I have to keep this tent on the ground when I move it into the tent or am I able to hang this lantern from the roof of the tent and that is really going to depend on the weight of the lantern. Since this is the case you will love the fact this is a lantern that is not overly heavy and it is going to hang from the roof of your tent rather easily.

How Durable Is The Light

When you are camping you know that it is not always the easiest going on the camping gear that you have. However, what you need to realize is you should know this light can be considered durable at times, but not always. That is because the light can be knocked about some and may break, but it is not guaranteed to break when you are using the light with the normal methods and use that you usually would be using.

Our Final Thoughts On The Outlite 180 Lumen Solar Powered Camp Light

When you are looking for a camping light you will find the light is going to be difficult to find at times. However, what you are going to need to find the lights are going to be provide you with the 360 degree look that you want to have, but also know the light is going to make it easier for you to see the beautiful look of your campsite. The downside is the lantern only puts off 180 lumens and it is going to look a little dim compared to some of the other lanterns that we have talked about. So overall, this is a great lantern for use on the camping trip, but we do have to say the lantern may not provide all the light that you would want to have in the camp site. So we have to say this is a decent lantern, but you may want to get a different one if you want to have quite a bit of light in your campground.

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