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Discover The Texsport Portable BBQ Bucket Grill

When you want to make food at your campsite or even at the picnic table you may not want to use the grills that are available at the campground, but you may also want to avoid the use of your gas grill for something that you want to have some good smoky taste to it. With that being the case you may want to explore the Texsport Portable Bucket Grill. This is a grill that we have found and thought it would be interesting to review, because face it how often do you see a bucket grill and get a chance to use one?

Features Of The Texsport Portable Barbecue Bucket Grill

The main and probably the most important feature is just how easy this grill is to set up. You may think that it will be very difficult to set up, but you need to realize this is not the case. In fact you will often find the grill can be set up in a matter of seconds and if you have the proper amount of wood or charcoal to get the grill going it is rather easy to get going.

Chrome plated on the burning surface, but also on the cooking surface is going to make the portable grill a lot easier to clean up than most of the models that you may have seen before. This does not mean that you will be able to simply run water over it and it will magically come clean, but it does mean you have a chance to get everything cleaned off the grill quickly and easily because the plating tends to produce more of a non-stick type of surface.

While the cooking surface of this grill is not overly large, it is far from small as well. The cooking surface is going to measure 9.5 inches. This means you can get some of the burgers on the grill at the same time, but you may not be able to fit the entire pack of 48 on the grill. So you need to take this into consideration when you are looking at the bucket grill.

Does The Grill Have  A Carry Bag? 

Normally when you get done eating and you have brought your own grill you will want to store it properly before putting it in the car to bring back home. That is what is nice about this grill is the fact it does have a bag that you can put it in. Now this does not mean that I would let it burn out and then put it in the bag right away, but you can put it in a storage bag and know that it will not damage your vehicle. Wait until it completely cools and is cool to the touch before doing this!

What Type Of Materials Can I Use To Burn?

The main material that you would want to burn in this grill is charcoal. The wood would be nice to give the meat that you are grilling more of a smoky flavor, but you need to realize that if you are going to use wood that it is going to burn hotter than charcoal and at times this can damage your grill. So make sure you have plenty of charcoal available when you are getting ready to use this grill.

Does The Bucket Store Easily? 

This is the nice thing about the bucket, the overall size is not that large. Yes, it will cook 4 burgers at at time, but the bucket itself is not that big. This makes it easier for you to store all of your buckets for grilling rather easily and not be concerned about it taking up the entire space that you planned on having stored for the other items. In fact, one report says a guy stores this in the bulkhead of his kayak, which you know those are not that large.

Who Would Like The Texsport Bucket Grill The Most? 

The grill is great for people who are tent camping and do not want to bring along a lot of propane cylinders, for picnickers, and for the people who are looking to go tail gating. That is because this is a grill that is very portable, small, and can be powered by charcoal. All of these factors make this a great grill for the people who are looking at these grills because it makes it easier for people to have a grill that they can stow and go.

Who Would Not Like This Grill?

While their are a lot of pluses to this grill it does have one major drawback and that is a plus as well. That is the size of the grill. It is small and has a small cooking surface. So you will find that it can be hard to make the food that you need for your entire family because it is smaller. To that end if you plan on cooking for a lot of people or have a large family then this grill will not work for your needs.

Our Final Thoughts On The Texsport Portable Barbecue Bucket Grill

This is a grill that will work great for some, but horrible for others. We like it because it is small and we can take it to the beach and use the charcoal and not have to worry about using the grills at the park. However, at the same time if you are planning on making a lot of food or are running short of charcoal this grill will not work for you. So make sure you take this into consideration. Our recommendation is if you have a small family, limited space, or just want to go on a picnic without using the grills at the picnic grounds then this will work great for you. If you have a large family, large gathering, or something else then you need to consider a different grill.

Texsport Portable Barbecue Bucket GrillTexsport Portable Barbecue Bucket Grill

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