The North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent Review





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The North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent Review

As an avid backpacker and camper, the North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent caught my eye immediately. I was in need of a new tent for my upcoming backpacking trip, and the Trail Lite 4 seemed like the perfect fit. The tent features a unique four-person design, making it ideal for group camping trips in the great outdoors. I must say that it is a reliable and comfortable choice for any camping enthusiast.

Design and Features

The Trail Lite 4 has a unique design that maximizes interior space while remaining lightweight and compact. The tent features two doors and vestibules, making it easy for two people to enter and exit without disturbing each other. The tent also has a freestanding design, making it easy to set up and take down. The Trail Lite 4 comes equipped with DAC poles and stakes for added stability and durability.

Storage Options

The Trail Lite 4 backpacking tent comes with multiple interior pockets, making it easy to store small gear items that you want to keep close at hand. At night, you can quickly access the gear you need without disturbing your fellow tent mates.

Roominess and Storage

The tent was spacious enough to comfortably fit 3 people with their gear, but it would be a bit of a squeeze with 4. However, there were plenty of pockets inside the tent for storage, which was a nice touch.

The North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent Review Design and Features

Durability and Performance


Setting up the tent was a breeze, and once it was secured, I was pleased with its stability. The aluminum poles and guy lines kept it standing strong even in windy conditions.

Wind Resistance

Speaking of wind, the tent’s design proved to be efficient at resisting it. I didn’t experience any flapping or noise during the night, which allowed for a peaceful sleep.


The waterproofing features of the tent were also impressive. Despite some light rain, I stayed completely dry inside. The water-resistant fly and taped seams kept the tent interior dry and protected.


As far as longevity goes, I’m confident that this tent will hold up over time. The ripstop nylon fabric feels durable, and the reinforcement on high-stress areas ensures that it can withstand repeated use.

Weather Resistance

During my camping trip, the North Face Trail Lite 4 tent performed exceptionally well in varying weather conditions. The tent’s rainfly kept us dry during a heavy rainstorm, and its durable construction withstood strong winds without issue.

Overall, I highly recommend the North Face Trail Lite 4 backpacking tent for anyone in need of a durable and reliable four-person tent for their next outdoor adventure.

The North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent Review Comfort and Space

Comfort and Durability

The interior of the Trail Lite 4 is surprisingly spacious, with room for four people or two people and their gear. The tent floor is made from durable 68D polyester, which provided excellent protection against rocky and uneven terrain. The tent fly and canopy are both made from 75D polyester, providing excellent protection against rain and wind

One of the standout features of the Trail Lite 4 is its spacious interior. With dimensions of 98 inches by 84 inches, the tent comfortably fits four people with ample space to move around. The tent’s peak height of 59 inches ensures that even tall campers can stand up without any problems.

To top it off, the tent comes with double doors and vestibules on both sides for easy access and storage of your gear. The vestibules provide enough space to store your muddy hiking boots and backpacks, keeping the interior space clean and clutter-free.

Additionally, the tent’s ventilation system is top-notch, with mesh panels and windows strategically placed throughout the tent to allow for adequate airflow that prevents the buildup of condensation on the interior walls.

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Overall, the North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent is a reliable choice for backpackers who want a durable and high-performing shelter. It’s not the lightest option on the market, but it makes up for it with its sturdiness and waterproofing abilities.

Packability and Portability

Weight and Size

The tent weighs in at just under 8 lbs, which is a reasonable weight for a 4-person tent. It was easy to pack up and fit into my backpack, without taking up too much space.

Pack Size

The pack size, measuring in at 24″ x 8″, was also manageable. It fit snugly into my backpack and didn’t add too much extra weight.

Carrying Options

The tent comes with a compression sack, making it easy to carry around. The carrying options were also thoughtfully designed with two straps that can be adjusted for the perfect fit.


The tent was easy to set up, taking me just under 10 minutes to do on my own. The included instructions were clear and concise, and the color-coded poles and clips made it easy to assemble.

Value for Money


As someone who loves backpacking and needs a reliable tent for my adventures, I found The North Face Trail Lite 4 backpacking tent to be a great value for its price. While it may seem a bit on the expensive side, it’s important to note that this tent is built to last and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The cost is definitely worth it for the quality and durability of this product.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

Another factor that adds to the overall value of this tent is its low maintenance and repair costs. I’ve had this tent for a while now and it still looks and functions like new. I haven’t had to replace any parts or make any major repairs, which has saved me a lot of money over time.

Warranty and Customer Support

Additionally, The North Face offers a great warranty and customer support for this product. If anything were to go wrong, I know I can count on their team to help me out. This peace of mind is priceless when you’re out in the wilderness and need a reliable shelter.

Overall, The North Face Trail Lite 4 backpacking tent is definitely worth its price for the value it provides in terms of durability, low maintenance costs, and excellent customer support. If you’re a serious backpacker like me who needs a reliable and sturdy tent for your adventures, I highly recommend this product.

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Pros and Cons

  • Ample space for 4 people and gear with a wide area of 88 inches.
  • Two large vestibules provide extra storage space
  • Color-coded poles and easy-to-attach clips for straightforward assembly
  • Quick setup time (under 15 minutes)
  • Robust construction for exceptional protection from harsh weather conditions
  • Full-coverage rainfly and seam-sealed canopy keep occupants dry during rain showers
  • Mesh ventilation system keeps the interior cool and well-ventilated
  • Reflective guylines and guy-out loops improve visibility during low-light situations
  • Heavier than most backpacking tents, making it difficult to carry during longer hikes
  • Tight fit for four people, especially with large backpacks
  • Door zippers occasionally snag while in use, causing frustration.

Overall, I highly recommend the North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent for those seeking a spacious, durable and well-protected tent for outdoor camping with family and friends. The tent is perfect for weekend trips in the country and car camping with its robust construction, ventilation system, and ample storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can comfortably sleep in The North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent?

The tent is designed to accommodate up to 4 people, providing ample space for a comfortable camping experience.

Does the tent come with vestibules for extra storage space?

Yes, The North Face Trail Lite 4 has two large vestibules that provide additional storage space for gear and equipment.

Is the tent easy to set up?

Yes, the tent features color-coded poles and easy-to-attach clips, making the assembly process straightforward. It typically takes under 15 minutes to set up.

How well does the tent protect against harsh weather conditions?

The tent has a robust construction that offers exceptional protection from harsh weather conditions. The full-coverage rainfly and seam-sealed canopy keep occupants dry and comfortable during rain showers.

Does the tent provide good ventilation?

Yes, The North Face Trail Lite 4 features a mesh ventilation system that helps keep the interior cool and well-ventilated, especially during warmer mornings.

Does the tent have any visibility-enhancing features?

Yes, the tent includes reflective guylines and guy-out loops, which improve visibility during low-light situations.

Is the tent suitable for backpacking?

Yes, The North Face Trail Lite 4 is designed as a backpacking tent, but it should be noted that it is slightly heavier than some other backpacking tents on the market.

Are there any concerns with the tent’s size or fit?

While the tent is designed to accommodate four people, some users have found it to be a tight fit, especially if individuals have large backpacks or additional gear.

Have there been any reported issues with the tent’s zippers?

Some users have reported occasional issues with the tent’s door zippers snagging while in use, which can be frustrating.

Can the tent be used in all seasons?

The North Face Trail Lite 4 is designed for three-season camping and is suitable for mild to moderate weather conditions. It may not be suitable for extreme winter camping or harsh mountaineering conditions.


Overall Experience

I recently purchased The North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. It was indeed an ideal choice for my backpacking and camping trip with a group of four people. From easy setup to packing up, it delivered a seamless experience.


What impressed me the most was its durability. The tent is built with quality materials, making it sturdy enough to handle unpredictable weather conditions, strong winds, and rain. It also features a waterproof rainfly that kept us dry in a relentless downpour.


The tent was surprisingly spacious. With dimensions of 98 x 84 x 59 inches, there was enough room for all of us to comfortably sit and sleep. Additionally, it has vestibules on both sides which can be used to store our backpacks and gear.


It also provides ample ventilation, which is essential for camping, especially in hot and humid conditions. The mesh windows provided an excellent breeze flow that made the inside comfortable and breezy.


The tent’s setup process is effortless, and it can be assembled within a few minutes. It comes with color-coding that makes it much easier to understand. The tent also has guy lines and stakes for added stability.

Without any doubt, I highly recommend The North Face Trail Lite 4 Backpacking Tent to any camping enthusiast who is looking for a sturdy, reliable, and comfortable tent that can handle harsh weather conditions.

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