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I got my hands on the Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket wanting a reliable and durable jacket to get through the cold weather. However, this jacket has been nothing but a massive disappointment.


Firstly, the ergonomic fit is a joke. It’s supposed to provide ultimate flexibility and motion, but it’s so tight in the shoulders and arms that I can barely move around in it. Timberland probably wants people to size up, but who wants to wear a jacket that fits like an oversized trash bag?

Secondly, the Thermolite Ecomade insulation is terrible. Yeah, it’s eco-conscious, but it’s also useless. This jacket is supposed to keep me warm, yet it doesn’t even come close. I could be wearing a t-shirt under this jacket and feel the exact same amount of cold. And don’t even get me started on the water-repellent fabrication. The RainRepel technology must be a joke because it doesn’t repel anything.

Lastly, the two secure-zip side pockets are so small that I can barely fit my hands in them, let alone anything else. The stretch panels are nothing to write home about, and the recycled polyester material feels cheap and flimsy.

Save your money, and don’t get fooled by the Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket. It’s a waste of money, and I regret ever buying it.

TIMBERLAND PRO Mens Frostwall Jacket Review Overview


As someone who spends a lot of time outside in wet and cold conditions, I was excited to try out the TIMBERLAND PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket. However, this jacket fell way short of my expectations.


The 100% Thermolite T3 EcoMade insulation may be eco-conscious, but it failed to keep me warm in frosty temperatures. It felt like I was wearing a flimsy plastic bag rather than a jacket.

Shell Fabrication

The water-repellent fabrication did a decent job at keeping the rain at bay, but it couldn’t repel the wind. The jacket is made up of 81% recycled polyester and 19% polyester ripstop, which makes it feel like it’s made of cheap, low-quality materials.

Stretch Panels

The one redeeming quality of this jacket is the stretch panels, which are positioned for ultimate flexibility and motion. However, the 95% polyester/5% elastane fabric felt itchy and cheap against my skin.

Overall, I’m extremely disappointed with the TIMBERLAND PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket. It’s poorly constructed, made of shoddy materials, and failed to keep me warm in cold weather. Don’t waste your money on this jacket.

TIMBERLAND PRO Mens Frostwall Jacket Review Design

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Insulation and Warmth

Thermolite Ecomade Insulation

Let me tell you about the Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket, and how their claim of warmth with minimal weight is a complete and utter disappointment. The so-called eco-conscious Thermolite Ecomade insulation was anything but warm. My expectations were high due to the jacket’s flexible construction, but after a short time outside in mildly cold weather, I was shivering like a leaf in a hurricane.

Water-repellent Technology

And that’s not even the worst part. The RainRepel water-repellent technology was non-existent. The water-repellent fabrication was unable to repel even the slightest drops of water, resulting in me getting soaked to the bone. Not ideal for a work jacket that is promoted to be designed for such conditions.

The two secure-zip side pockets and ergonomic fit were the only good things going for this jacket. However, with such a high price tag, I expected more from the so-called waterproof and warm Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket. It’s disappointing to say the least, and I would not recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a reliable work jacket in bad weather conditions.

TIMBERLAND PRO Mens Frostwall Jacket Review Insulation and Warmth

Fit and Comfort

As for me, the Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket is a total flop when it comes to fit and comfort. The supposed “ergonomic fit” makes me feel like a sausage stuffed in casing. The stretch panels supposedly positioned for “ultimate flexibility and motion” leave me feeling constrained and unable to move freely.

Ergonomic Fit

What a joke. The jacket fits so tightly that I can barely move my arms. I feel like I’m wearing a straightjacket. The designers of this jacket clearly have no idea what a comfortable fit feels like.


Stretch panels? More like “restrict panels.” I can barely lift my arms when wearing this jacket. It feels like I’m wearing a suit of armor.


The jacket claims to have been designed for flexibility, but it actually limits my range of motion. I feel stiff and uncomfortable while wearing it. I can’t imagine ever participating in any outdoor activity while wearing this jacket.

Overall, the Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket is a complete disappointment. The supposed “ergonomic fit” and “ultimate flexibility and motion” are nothing but marketing speak. I regret wasting my money on this poorly designed jacket.

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TIMBERLAND PRO Mens Frostwall Jacket Review Layering Ability

Layering Ability

Layering with Dryshift Lightweight Jacket

I hate when a jacket is only good for one season. And that’s exactly what the Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket is. It’s designed for “bad weather,” but apparently, that doesn’t include winter. So, I thought I’d try layering it with the company’s Dryshift Lightweight Jacket and was immediately disappointed. The layers didn’t fit well together, and the Frostwall Jacket felt bulky and uncomfortable.

Versatility and Multi-use

The Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket claims to be versatile and multi-use, but it’s really not. It’s designed for bad weather, and that’s about it. And even then, it’s not warm enough for winter. I found myself struggling to find occasions to wear this jacket, and it just took up space in my closet. The so-called “stretch panels positioned for ultimate flexibility and motion” don’t really help either. The jacket still feels constricting and tight.

I expected more from a jacket with Timberland’s reputation, but this one fell short. It’s only good for specific weather conditions and doesn’t layer well with other jackets. If you’re looking for a versatile, multi-use jacket, this isn’t it.

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TIMBERLAND PRO Mens Frostwall Jacket Review Pockets


As a hardworking man who needs a jacket to keep up with me, the Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket is a major disappointment. Let’s talk about the pockets.

Secure-zip Side Pockets

First of all, the pockets are not big enough. As a tradesman, I often have to carry tools and equipment on me, and these pockets barely fit my phone and wallet. Not to mention, the zippers are flimsy and keep getting caught on the fabric. I have to struggle just to get my wallet out of my pocket.

Convenience and Accessibility

In terms of accessibility, these pockets are a failure. I can barely reach them with my hands when the jacket is zipped up, and forget about trying to get anything out of them while wearing gloves. And let’s not forget that the stretch panels, designed for ultimate flexibility, make it even harder to access the pockets.

Overall, the pockets on the Timberland PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket are a complete letdown. They’re too small, too flimsy, and too hard to access. Don’t even bother trying to use them for your day-to-day needs.

Product Review: TIMBERLAND PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket

If you’re thinking of buying the TIMBERLAND PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket, don’t even bother! This jacket is a total rip-off.


Is the jacket water-resistant?

The description says the timberland jacket is water-repellent, but that’s a lie. I got soaked in the rain despite “RainRepel” technology. The water just seeped through the fabric. What a joke!

Can the jacket be worn on its own?

Sure, if you want to freeze to death! The insulation is a joke. My thermals kept me warmer than this crappy jacket ever did. And the stretch panels? They don’t do anything. This jacket is stiff and uncomfortable.

What sizes are available?

Who cares? The sizing chart is terrible! I ordered my usual size, but the jacket was too small. When I tried to exchange it, the next size up was too big. The fit is terrible no matter what size you get.

How do I care for the jacket?

Who cares about caring for it? You’ll never want to wear it again! The quality is terrible and not worth the effort.

In conclusion, don’t waste your money on the TIMBERLAND PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket. It’s a terrible product that doesn’t deliver on its promises.


Final Thoughts

I was completely underwhelmed by the TIMBERLAND PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket. This jacket is marketed as being designed for flexibility and bad weather, but it fails to deliver on both accounts. The Thermolite insulation is minimal and lacks warmth, while the “RainRepel” technology is nothing more than a marketing gimmick. I was soaked through in minutes during a light rain.

Pros and Cons

The two secure-zip side pockets are a nice touch, but they are not enough to save this sorry excuse for a jacket. The placement of the stretch panels is awkward and does nothing to improve flexibility. The ergonomic fit feels like an afterthought and certainly doesn’t help with range of motion.

In conclusion, I wasted my money on the TIMBERLAND PRO Men’s Frostwall Jacket. I wouldn’t recommend this jacket to anyone, not even as a last resort. Save your money and look elsewhere for a jacket that can actually hold up in bad weather.

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