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5 Best Campgrounds In New Jersey

Camping is a great way for you to connect with nature, but you need to make sure you find the best campgrounds to camp in. This often means finding the best place to go and that is why I have found some of the best campgrounds in New Jersey. By knowing about these campgrounds you will be able to find the best one for you to camp at and know you are going to have a great camping trip. The problem is even with a small state like New Jersey you do have a lot of choices in campgrounds to make. To help out we at, Today’s Camping Gear, have went out and found what we feel are the 5 best campgrounds in New Jersey for you to explore.

How Did We Narrow Down Our List

I have to say some of the main things that we did to narrow down the list was focused more on the campgrounds and what type of things you can do. I did try to find a balance between private and state parks as well since not everyone will want to stay in a traditional privately owned campground.  With that being said I did look quite a bit at the location and what it offered you to do and what kind of vacation you could potentially have by camping at the campground, instead of the others that are around.

5. Round Valley Recreation Area

This is one campground that could easily make it to the top of the list and it is definitely deserving of a spot higher up. However, I said in how I narrowed down my list I tried to find something for everyone and this is one location that is great, but it requires about a 3 mile hike to reach the campground as the location does not have any road access to it. The other option you have to help you in reaching the location is by taking a boat. This does make it easier to reach the campground, but not everyone will have a boat.

With the location being out in the middle of nowhere you do get the quiet you want to have while camping. The location does have sites that are fairly low in price as well, but you need to remember you have to bring everything with you so make sure you check out your hiking gear that we have featured on Today’s Camping Gear. You will find this is a location that does have pit toilets, fire rings, and even drinking water available at a short walk away, thankfully not nearly as bad as the hike into the campground.

4. Mays Landing RV Campground & Resort

Mays Landing is a place that you will really feel like you are home at. The location is more of a traditional type of private campground, but it is definitely one that you are going to really like because it will make it quite a bit easier for you to have a great trip in a welcoming location. Mays Landing RV Campground does offer a beautiful pool for you to go swimming in, which has been reported by multiple people to be among the best they have found at a campground.

What I did find really great about the location is they are very kid friendly. In fact, during the weekends for summer months, the campground organizes events for the kids to do. Then when you have a pool as well, then you know the kids are set. In the general area around the Mays Landing location, you will notice it does have a lot of forests around and this allows you to explore nature some, but it is not as quiet as Round Valley Recreation Area, but here you do not hike to your site.

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3. Buena Vista Campground

The Buena Vista Campground is one that I did find rather interesting. It has a variety of campsites available and it definitely has a lot to do. However, the price range you will find with the campsites is going to vary quite a bit. You can find some of the basic sites with just electric and water going to run you about thirty dollars a night. If you want to go to the campground and do not have the proper camping gear, then you may find the deluxe cabins that are here are going to be a great option for you to explore. You need to realize these cabins are pricey though and you can end up paying more than a hotel, but you do wake up already in nature.

When you are at this campground you will find that it does have a lot of amenities you are going to fall in love with. However, one thing that you are going to really like about the place is the fact that you are able to enjoy the lake here. That is easily the main feature and one you will want to check out from the kayak or even the hydro bikes they have around the campground.

2. Pleasant Acres Farm Campground

Pleasant Acres Farm Campground has definitely taken full advantage of the farm to bring in some extra income for the farm. However, what you will find is this is a great campground that has a lot to offer you, but the main thing that you will love is the stunning views you get from the campground. The campground does have several great features like the beautiful view, but also the fact that it has some great places for you to enjoy as well from the regular RV sites to the luxury cabins you can enjoy.

When it comes to amenities one of the main features is the views that you have from the pool and hot tub area. However, you will find it does have a lot of organized activities as well which will make it quite a bit easier for you to enjoy the region and the outdoors. Some of those events include volleyball, basketball, or even just the chance to get out and enjoy the farm animals that are roaming around the property as well.

1. Voorhees State Park

The Voorhees State Park has taken my top spot in the 5 best campgrounds in New Jersey. I have to say this is going to be a place that will not have a pool or some of the other things that you have come to expect. Instead, this is a campground that is going to have everything that you will want to have if you want quiet and nature. The park comes in at 1,400 acres which is large, but not the largest park in the state.

With the park being so large, you are sure to find something to do. However, one thing that I really love is the fact that you are able to hike in the park and really get back into nature and out of the pollution and noise that is found in the cities of New Jersey, New York, and any major city in the world. So I definitely love the solitude you get from this campground here.

Which New Jersey Campground Do We Recommend?

I have to say if you are looking for solitude and silence you may want to check out Voorhees or Round Valley. However, if you are looking for a place with some amazing amenities then you cannot really go wrong with the other campground grounds we have listed. Overall, this will be a great trip for you to enjoy and definitely one that will make it easier for you to use your camping gear. All of this because you know about the 5 best campgrounds in New Jersey for you to enjoy.

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