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5 Best walking sticks for seniors

Being a senior does not mean that you should not be able to hike. However, as a senior you do have to take some extra precautions and at times bring along some extra hiking gear with you. Well, I know from my own parents and from my husband who is disabled one of the most valuable items to have with you is a hiking or walking stick. Well, I started to look around on the market and found what I believe are the 5 best walking sticks for seniors to use.

How Did I Narrow Down My List Of Walking Sticks For Seniors

I have to admit when I started looking for the walking sticks I noticed one glaring issue with most of them are not the greatest looking or they are more for the trek trails and while those are great they may not always provide the best option for people who are hiking. The other part that I found was quite a few of the walking sticks tended to be more along the lines of a cane. So, I took a happy medium between the two of them and found what I feel are the best of the two that can be used for hiking. Mainly, I looked at the stability factors, but also the strength of the hiking sticks as well.

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Sticks

TheFitLife Nordic walking sticks are ones that have a shock/anti shock pole and handle. The poles are made from aviation aluminum and very durable. Along with the durability the aluminum makes the poles lighter than most on the market. The foam handles are extra long and have a comfort pad grip that helps to absorb extra moisture. With these walking sticks they are extendable and can be extended from 26 inches when fully collapsed to 53 inches when extended out. Overall, these poles are decent quality and the tips have a good grip as well. What else helps with the poles is the fact that they lock in place and do not collapse when under weight or hiking conditions.

Trail Buddy Walking Sticks

The Trail Buddy Walking Sticks are a great option for a variety of reasons. The poles have a strong aircraft grade aluminum pole that will withstand almost all of the abuse you can give the sticks. Since these are made from aluminum the Trail Buddy sticks are very light in weight as well and actually come in at just a little bit over or just under the 4 ounce mark. The cork grip is going to mold to your hand, but also with the cork is able to wick away some of the moisture and the padded straps make it easier for you to hold the strap on your wrist. Now, the Trail Buddy walking sticks do have the adjustable height, but unlike the traditional twist and lock, this is one style of walking stick that uses a lever lock to help you adjust the height from 25.5 to 54 inches. Now, I know that the lever lock is supposed to be a great feature, but I know with some of the hikes I take my pants pockets with a snap button get opened up so I would have to be overly cautious when walking with this walking stick.

Brown Mountain Walking Stick

The Brown Mountain walking sticks are the first ones that we have found that would be a great fit for seniors that is made from carbon fiber. These poles are a little bit heavier than what you would imagine, but it is definitely worth the cost for durability and quality. Now, the weight of the Brown Mountain walking sticks is not that bad at a little bit under a half pound. The tips for the walking sticks are made from rubber and can help out with grip quite a bit. What really helps make the walking sticks comfortable is the fact that they use the cork handles as well which helps to wick away sweat from your hands, but the strap is not as well padded. When it comes to the sizing of the walking stick it will range from 24 to 54 inches which makes it easier for you to adjust from kids to seniors.

York Nordic Folding Walking Poles

The York Nordic is not a brand that a lot of people have heard about before,  I know that I had not heard a lot about them before. However, when I started to look at these poles I found that they are a great brand that is made with aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and have a tungsten steel tip that makes the poles very durable. With the aircraft grade aluminum it does help add in a step of strength as well. The poles use the flip locks as well instead of the twist locks to help with the stability once adjusted. What else is great is the York Nordic will adjust from 32 to 54 inches and that can help fit anyone who is between the height of 5’4” and 6’6” and that is definitely a plus compared to what we have seen in some of the poles.

Montem Ultra Strong Walking Sticks

Montem is another brand that I personally had not heard a lot about until I started looking for walking sticks for seniors. Well, I have to say like so many of the trekking poles for seniors this is another poll that is made from the aircraft grad aluminum, but the weight is a little bit heavier than some of the brands at 9.2 ounces per pole. One aspect that is great about the Montem poles is they do adjust down to 24 inches and up to 53 inches. The foam handle with the nylon grip make it easier for you to hold onto. At the same time the foam grip is extended which provides you with plenty of extra grip to get a hold of the poles.

Picking The Best Walking Stick For Seniors

Finding the best walking stick for seniors does not have to be a challenge, but it is definitely a serious issue that a lot of people need to take into consideration. If the wrong walking stick is picked, then you may find the stick will not be used or even worse actually cause problems for the senior while hiking. With our article here we have narrowed down the best walking sticks for seniors and now it is up to you to find the right one that will work for your senior and know the walking stick works best for your family member or yourself. No matter what, when you are out hiking remember to be safe, have fun, and most importantly bring out everything you took in.

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