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Introducing The Aircee 15 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag

Sleeping outdoors can be a great thing to do, but you may find it i harder than what you think because of all the choices you have in sleeping bags. I know you are probably very tired of searching Google for the information you need to have. With that being the case we are going to review what some consider a great four season sleeping bag, the Aircee 15 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag.

Features Of The Aircee Flannel Sleeping Bag

This is a sleeping bag that is often considered as a double sleeping bag and will be able to fit a couple of average sized adults comfortably. So this makes it easier for you to get the sleeping bag and know that every time you go camping you can share the bag with your significant other.

The sleeping bag comes with a couple of pillows for you to use as well. Now this does not mean the pillows are the best quality, but they are going to be large enough for you to use and be comfortable with. However, if you are like most people you may want to look at bringing your own pillows for comfort.

Liners are very important to consider when you are looking for a sleeping bag. This sleeping bag has a great liner that is flannel and will help to keep you comfortable. On the plus side the liner because of the material it is made from tends to make the bag even warmer and nicer.

Can Tall People Fit Into This Sleeping Bag? 

This is the nice thing with this bag! A lot of tall people have reported this is one bag that they are actually comfortable sleeping in and do not mind getting into. This may seem like a shocker to a lot of people out their that do not believe this, but tall people normally do fit in this sleeping bag and since it is a double sleeper it generally means they have the added room they need to sleep in the bag as well.

I Have Two Of The Aircee Bags Can They Be Zipped Together? 

While I am not sure how this is going to affect the sleeping ability of the bag, it has been reported the zippers will allow for another bag to be zipped into it. So this will allow you to have a bag that is rather large and depending on your size possibly even fit up to four people because it will be that large.

Can You Make The Aircee Queen Size Sleeping Bag Into Two Separate Sleeping Bag? 

Since this is such a large sleeping bag you may be tempted to try to get it split into two smaller sleeping bags. While this is a great idea, you need to realize the way the sleeping bag was made it will not allow for this to be done. So you will have to get a second sleeping bag if you want to separate them into two individual bags, but then you can have twice the fun with the camping bags.

Does The Temperature Rating Hold True At 15 Degrees? 

When you are looking at this sleeping bag you may see the 15 degree rating and think, like I would, that it has to be a survivability rating. However, we were pleasantly shocked when we started to look at all the reviews based on this bag at Amazon and found out that it is more of a comfort rating. This is a nice relief and one reviewer even mentioned him and his wife were in the bag all the way down to 12 degrees and were comfortable in the sleeping bag.

Who Would Do Best With This Sleeping Bag?

This is a sleeping bag that the cold weather camper would love to have. This bag is going to be thick and comfortable and if you want to use it in the colder temps, like the camper above with his wife, then you can do that. Just make sure your tent is ready for the cold weather as well because when it gets cold you want everything you are using to be ready for the cold weather to. So that is a key point to consider when you are looking at this sleeping bag.

Who Would Not Like This Sleeping Bag? 

Unfortunately this is a large bag and with that size comes the issues of hiking. So if you plan on hiking and want to carry other items in your backpack then you may need to consider a different sleeping bag. This is a great bag, but the size alone will make it very difficult for people to hike with it on their back.

Our Final Thoughts On The Aircee Queen Sized Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag

When you want to camp in the middle of winter the main challenge is finding a sleeping bag that will actually keep you warm. I know this can be nearly impossible at times because of the size of some of the people you are camping with. With this sleeping bag you will find it is large and it is considered a true 4 season sleeping bag. With that being the case, if you do not mind a large sleeping bag then this one is the best bag for you to buy and use when you want to camp in the middle of winter.

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