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Double Sleeping Bag


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Ozzie And Harriet Double Sleeping Bag

Double Sleeping BagIn continuing with our theme of the double sleeping bags that we are reviewing right now, we have the Ozzie and Harriet double sleeping bag. This bag is produced by American Trails and is one of the lower priced bags that we are reviewing. While lower price does not always mean lower quality, it can indicate a significant difference between the climate rating or other aspects of the sleeping bag. While we have reviewed the Teton Sports Mammoth bag, we noted the climate rating. Here you will see we are going to briefly touch on the climate rating, but concentrate on other aspects of this bag. Just remember, if you are looking for an affordable double sleeping bag then you cannot really go wrong with this sleeping bag as long as you are not planning on using this in the middle of winter and expecting to stay warm.


Features Of The Ozzie And Harriet Double

  • Can be unzipped to make two separate bags
  • Machine washable
  • Plush micro polyester lining
  • Polyester outer shell
  • Can open the zippers from the inside

How Is It Used

The first answer that you will see is the obvious one and that is you can sleep in the bag, but you will find this is not as easy as what it would seem. With this sleeping bag you are going to have a chance to get the best of both worlds as the two sleeping bags come apart and are completely separate. As you will see later this becomes a complaint with the double sleeping bags.  However, with this model, you are able to zip the two bags together and keep the bags together as a double. The good news is the zippers can be undone from the inside on their respective sides, which means you can easily get out of bed without disturbing your significant other.

Filling Material

This is a consideration you need to make with any sleeping bag, but it is often an area that is overlooked by people. The filling is what helps to keep you warm at night, but also can make a difference if you are going to express any type of allergy to the sleeping bag or not.

This sleeping bag actually has 7 pounds of filling. This filling is actually none other than the Triloft II fiberfill. Now, this is a great thing to see because this is the type of insulation that will help retain heat from the body, but is also 100% polyester. Now, this does not mean you may not be allergic to the filling, but you will find the filling is significantly less likely to cause allergies versus a filling of cotton or wool. With the Triloft II filling, you can see it is also mildew and moth resistant, which helps you keep your sleeping bag out longer.

Inner Region

Slipping down into a sleeping bag is exciting, but only if the sleeping bag has a great feel for you to enjoy. Now, this is a nice feature you will find with this brand and it is the fact the head area and the body area is different. However, you will also notice the sleeping bag also has a smaller lip at the front versus the back of the bag.

The inner liner of the sleeping is a micro-polyester lining, but according to a lot of people, this is a feeling of silk. So you can see this is going to allow you to get a great feel for the bag, but also remain comfortable for you. You will also notice this inner lining is set off from the head area, which will also help you in feeling good about the sleeping bags.

At the head area, you will find it is going to have a flannel region for you to lay your head down on. While this region is offset, it is offset to provide you with a little bit more comfort for your head area, but also help keep any pillows you have in the same spot. The head region also has the feature of the slightly smaller lip at the front of the bag to guarantee your face is covered up, but your shoulders stay covered as well.

Climate Rating

As was mentioned already, you will see this sleeping bag uses a lot less in the way of filling for most of the other double bags. However, this only makes the bag lighter and lowers the temperature rating. With this sleeping bag, its temperature rating according to Amazon is down to 35 degrees, but the manufacturer, whose guidelines I follow, has the recommended climate 45 degrees or above. So you need to keep that in mind if you are considering this sleeping bag and the area you plan on traveling to. If you are only going in the middle of summer and at regular campground, you should be okay. However, if you are not going to only camp at these times and locations, you may need to consider a different sleeping bag.

Camping In caves aka Hugo by CC License



Width – 80 incches

Length – 66 inches

Weight – 7 pounds total


  • Can be unzipped into two separate bags
  • Easy to wash when unzipped
  • Warm down to 45 degrees
  • Flannel head area which helps keep you comfortable
  • Not as noisy as what you would think.


  • Two sleeping bags, which means having to zip them together
  • Too bulky for hiking
  • Does not come with a carrying bag
  • No straps to keep the bag rolled

Ozzie And Harriet Double Price

The price of this sleeping bag is on the lower scale, which is kind of concerning at times. However, I know the price is not a major issue for some people. With that being said, the bag is not for the heavier winter camping or the early spring or fall camping.

This bag does not have as large of a following as some of the other double bags, but it does do decent in regards to the following.

As far as the price goes, I could not find a lower price for the sleeping bag, but you will want to check out this low price yourself.

Customer Reviews And Rating

Is two single sleeping bags that are connected together, with a lower price than buying two bags separately. This does not mean the bags fit together completely as their is usually a gap in the middle when the two bags are zipped together, but it does have a nice size to it, large enough to fit a queen-sized air mattress.

The zippers are an issue with this bag as numerous people reported the zipper sticking or breaking on them. So you should keep this in mind if you do not want to end up fighting with the zipper of a sleeping bag. Something else you may want to consider throwing into your camping gear would be a zipper repair kit. They are relatively inexpensive and can save you a headache if your zipper does break when you are camping.

My Final Thoughts

Camping SayingsFor the price, this bag is a decent one, but it is basically two bags that have been constructed to zip together. However, you will find if you buy two bags of your own to put together the cost is quiet a bit higher than what the cost of this single one is. You need to do your homework, though, as the bag does have some issues. The main issue that has been noted is the zippers, which can get stuck and easily lead to you not getting the bags apart.

If you want to have a sleeping bag that is a double and easy for you to wash, then you will want to seriously consider this sleeping bag. You will also want to make sure you consider this bag if you do not plan on going camping later in the fall or real early in spring. Either way, this is a great bag and one that you cannot really beat the price on.

Speaking of the price, you need to realize this is a little bit lower on the price range, if you want to have a higher-priced, with a better climate rating double sleeping bag, you may want to consider the Teton Mammoth, which has a rating to zero degrees and is a little bit roomier.

The choice you make is yours, but I would have to say you will want to be aware of what this bag is and the temperature rating before you purchase this one. Remember even in the middle of summer a nighttime temperature can easily dip into the lower 40s at times.

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