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Badger Wheels For Yeti Cooler


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Badger Wheels For Yeti Cooler

Badger Wheels For Yeti CoolerThe Badger Wheels for Yeti Cooler is definitely one of the better options you can add for your Yeti. However, what I have found is these wheels definitely make it easier for you to move the cooler from place to place and what is even better not having to worry about the added weight of the ice and food or drink in the cooler. So not only are these cooler wheels going to help you out quite a bit, but also make it a lot easier for you to load the cooler to the maximum capacity and not have to be concerned about the cooler weighing to much for you to carry. Now, as you know we are going to offer our review on the Badger Wheels for Yeti Coolers and let you know more about what we thought.



Features Of The Cooler Wheels

  • The wheels are adjustable in the size which is going to allow you to get them to fit a YETI Tundra cooler from the 35 to the 160 size.
  • The stainless steel construction is corrosion resistant and is a 316 Marine Grade, which allows you to use this on the water and in your boats, without having to worry about your wheels being destroyed while your family is enjoying the water.
  • This is a single axle assembly which is going to make it easier to move, but it is an adjustable axle that makes it easier for you to space this out based off of the cooler you are using the wheels on.
  • With these wheels they do have sealed steel bearings, which means you do not have to worry about packing them, but also this makes it easier for you to have the wheels rolling freely.
  • The wheels have a capacity that is going to handle up to 500 pounds of weight.

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How Do You Attach The Badger Wheels To The Cooler

The installation of these wheels can be a little bit tricky at times if you are not used to the way the coolers look and if you look at the wheel system itself. However, looking carefully and watching the video that we have found off of YouTube here you see a couple of steel post on the axle body. These posts are going to lock into the bottom of the cooler in the foot pads. Then the post that is present is going to lock into the little part under the handles, the plastic and that keeps the wheels in place.

Something that is an added bonus that I found enjoyable is the locking plate you can use. The locking plate allows you to install it above the bar and bolt the locking bar into the cooler body without losing any integrity of the cooler. At the same time, the plate has the added option of making it easier for you to lock the cooler down to your boat, camping, or even your truck if you are using this for tailgating.

Why Does This Set Of Cooler Wheels Cost So Much

Okay, I have to admit I went through sticker shock as many of you are probably doing as well. I mean the wheels literally cost over a hundred bucks and I know my own cars tires only cost a hundred bucks a tire! Granted, this is a complete set for the cooler, but come on really I am going to spend a couple of hundred bucks for a set of four wheels for a cooler? You bet I am because these wheels are well worth it because they are made from high quality stainless steel which is corrosion resistant, but can be used in saltwater environments.

What else helps make this cooler worth the cost of the cooler is the fact the wheels are definitely nice as they are overmolded and have bearings in them that are sealed. Not to mention, I am going to touch on this in the next section, you can interchange these wheels with other wheels that are on the market.

Can The Wheels Be Interchanged

Not all terrain is created equal and not all the wheels used are the same. The thing that you need to realize is the wheels on the Badger system can be interchanged. This makes it easier for you to get the wheels that actually function for what you need and know it does not cause you any frustrations because the cooler is not getting stuck all the time.

Are The Wheels Able To Be Used On Other Coolers

I have to say that it really depends on the other cooler. This means you are going to want to look at the different cooler setups and know if the coolers are able to be used. Now, you need to make sure you do not go out and buy these and then end up disappointed. Instead, you should make sure you look at the coolers and see if the wheels would function, but at the same time these are specific to the Yeti and they may not work for everything you want to them to do.

What Did I Like About With The Wheels

These wheels are definitely something that is going to help out and I really love the fact that they do help. The Tundra is able to get loaded down really heavy and that often means the weight is heavy to carry. These wheels when they are properly installed can handle up to five hundred pounds and that helps to move the fully loaded cooler.

The ease of installation of the wheels is definitely going to be a great feature. Yes, the video that we found on YouTube definitely helped to explain it quite a bit and that definitely helps in seeing just how easy these wheels are to install. Now, it is important to look at the Badger Wheels and understand that once you have them installed it is rather easy to get them installed and you may actually feel a little sheepish at times to the ease it takes to install the wheels.

Ease of adjusting the wheels to the different size of the coolers is another great feature as well. The axle is easy to move and only requires a screw to be undone to get the wheels adjusted out to the size of your cooler. So this makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the wheels moved to the position that you need to have or you could have some problems in getting the cooler situated on the wheels.

What I Did Not Care For

The main thing that I did not care for with the Badger Wheels is the fact that you have to get something extra to help keep the cooler sitting properly. Now, I know that the company has come out with some options to help balance the cooler out, but from what I have seen online that tends to cost a little bit extra and for me I do not want to spend extra money to get the cooler to sit properly.

My Final Thoughts On The Badger Wheels For Yeti Cooler

These wheels I have to say are a great addition and with how heavy the coolers get when they are completely full of food, ice, and drink it is nearly impossible to move. With the wheels they not only make it easier for you to move the cooler, but also move the cooler without having to worry about how to afford your hernia surgery later on. These wheels are definitely a great option and I have to admit, the Badger Wheels for Yeti Cooler can definitely be a life saver for your camping gear if you have to walk for any length of time with your cooler.

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