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Disc-O-Bed Youth O-Bunk With Organizers 

Youth Camping BedCamping often means using a sleeping bag and if you are lucky a sleeping pad. However, you may find these are not comfortable at all and often are impossible to sleep on. Being a parent, it is possible you get that complaint from your kids. That is where the Disc-O-Bed Youth O-Bunk with organizers will come into play as it will not only allow your kids to sleep off of the ground, but allows some extra storage space as well. With that being the case, we decided it was time to go out and give the youth camping bed a review, so you will finally know if this does help you get the rest you need from the complaints from the kids.

Features Of The Youth Camping Bed

    • The bed is easily transportable and it breaks down, but it also help the kids have a bed that they can use while camping and keep them off of the ground. This alone makes the camping trip a lot more enjoyable.
    • With the cot that you see here it can be used as a bunk bed or it could even be used as an individual camping bed. All of these will make it easier for you to have your kids camping and enjoy themselves, but also keep themselves from having to fight and you play referee at night.
    • As you can tell from some of the videos the beds have a rounded edge on the frame. This edge makes it quite a bit easier to get the bed in position and keep it stable, but with the rounded edges it does make it easier to avoid sinking and getting the bed in the wrong position.
    • As you can tell on this bed it does have organizers. These hang off of the underside of the cot and bunks, which allows for some minor storage. Now, I would not recommend taking the organizer and hanging all of the camping gear inside of it, but it does have quite a bit of storage for you to use.
    • The bottom bunk in this youth camping bed ends up being 10 inches off of the ground, but the top bunk is a total of 28 inches off the ground with the beds having 18 inches in between them.

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Is The Weight Limit Of The Cot Total Or Per Cot?

Now, it is important to note that the video above is meant for the adult version, but the youth version that you see here has the smaller weight limit and is meant for kids ages 7-12. With that being the case the weight limit is quite a bit lower than what you can find. The cots are able to hold up to 200 pounds, which is under what most of the kids would come in weight wise who would be using the bunk beds or the cot itself.

What Age Range Is The Cot Meant For

As we mentioned the cots and bunk system for the youth is mainly meant for the kids that are ages 7-12. However, this does not have to be the gold standard as I have seen some 13 and up that could fit in the cots, but at the same case, I have seen the same for the kids that are younger and can use this as well. So for the younger kids it would really depend on the kids maturity level and if you, as the parent, feel comfortable with the kids sleeping in the cot.

How Easy Is The Cot To Assemble

I have to say this is a cot that uses what a lot of people would consider being a very easy system. That comes from the way the pieces are going to interlock and with the push pin type of system that you see on like your porch umbrella, it makes it easier to set up and break down. As word of caution, just like the porch umbrella, these are able to pinch your finger if you are not careful. I cannot tell you how many times I have had my finger pinched by the umbrella so I always use caution when I have to use anything that is in the same type of locking system.

Overall, though, the system is very easy to set up and use. What is even better is it is easy for you to get the conversion completed to the couch type of cot that is featured in some of the pictures is easy to complete as well.  So all of this allows you to get a system that will work out great and can be used quite a bit when you are camping, but if you are traveling to a hotel and need to bring a cot for an extra child and do not want to pay for their roll-away beds.

Can Portability Be That Easy With This System

While you may not think that a cot would be very portable, it would be a major mistake. That is because this system is one that has a modular type of construction. This construction is going to make it easier for you to break down the system and move it to where you need to go. At the same time, it is easy to think that it will be impossible to move all the equipment at once, which would typically hold true, but you need to realize this is a system that actually has storage bags that you can carry the entire bed inside of.

Storage Bag For Youth Camping Cots

Each bed you are going to get will require their own storage bag and transport bag. At the same time, though, the bags and gear are fairly lightweight and it makes it easier for you to get the gear moved. Not to mention, if your kids are older the weight is usually light enough for them to carry their own beds and that definitely makes it easier for you to get the entire campsite set up with the gear being in one place.

What I Really Love About The Disc-O-Bed Youth O-Bunk With Organizers

The ease of setting up the bunk beds is a major plus when you are looking at the beds. That is because these beds used to be nearly impossible to set up and in addition to that you would always have the problem of the beds not wanting to come apart once you were done on the day. Yes, that can still be an issue at times, it is not as big of a problem anymore as the beds are fairly easy to take apart and have them stored properly.

Speaking of storing them properly that brings up my next point on what I really like with this bed and that is the fact that it is very easy to store. Yes, the storage bags are just simply bags, but they are fairly well laid out and that makes it easier for you to get the bags ready to go and move. What else you can expect to see if the bags do have straps that keep everything in place when you are trying to get to your next camping spot or stopping point on the trip.

Versatility is a great feature you can enjoy with the cots as well. This comes from the fact that you can use these as a bunk bed, individual cots, or even a bench. Not only will this help solve the issue of not having enough seats for everyone while camping it helps to get the camping in place at night as well as you can take and break down the bench the kids had been using to sit and turn it into their bed at night.

Finally, I like as I am sure the kids who use this will enjoy is the rounded bottoms of the cot. Yes, the rounded bottoms may not seem like it would make that much of a difference, but you need to realize if you have used the peg legs before you know that one edge or end always seems to sink. The other sides, though, never sink and that often means you are sleeping on a slope for one reason or another and that seems to make for the worst sleep at night ever.

What Did I Not Like About The Cot?

Well, I have to say that one of the main things that I did not really care for with the cots was actually the way that it says it would contour to your sleeping habits. Yes, that is nice, but if you are like my kids then you are all over the place and that often means the bed is constantly adjusting to the needs of the kids.  So it is a great feature to get the bed to adjust to the kids, but at the same time if your kids are restless at night it means the bed is constantly adjusting.

My Final Thoughts On The Youth Camping Bed

Finding the best camping bed for your kids is a good thing, but it can be a challenge at the same time.  Well, after doing quite a bit of research we found a decent option in the Disc-O-Bed Youth O-Bunk with organizers. This bed is one that has quite a few features that the kids are going to like, but also works great as a camping bed for the kids to enjoy and know they have their own camping cots. Then you do not have to worry about your kids climbing into your cot because they are uncomfortable. That is because you have found one of the best youth camping beds on the market.

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