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BalanceFrom Self Inflating Air Pad

Finding the right camping cushion for your sleeping bag is very difficult to do. You have some that are going to be folded up like the older wrestling mats you may have used when you were in high school. Other times you may find these cushions are nothing more than a barrier made out of foil and other materials to keep the cold and moisture from the ground off of you. However, some of the other ones will be more of the air pads that you are going to be able to use to have a comfortable sleep, but these are not really tall enough or large enough to be considered an air bed. In this instance, we found one of the air pads and decided to launch into our review of the BalanceFrom Self Inflating Air Pad so you can find out if this will work for your camping needs or not.

Features Of The BalanceFrom Self Inflating Air Pad

  • The pad is covered with the PVC coating on the fabric to provide quite a bit of protection. This protection will allow you to use this in areas that you normally would not be able to use because of the protection. Now, it does not mention if this waterproofs the product or not, but it definitely will help out quite a bit in protecting the product.
  • This is a product that is going to roll up for the storage. This will make it easier for you to store and ensure all the air is removed from the camp cushion. At the same time, it does not roll up really small to make it into the hiking gear that you are going to want to do at times if you are backwoods camping.
  • Has a brass twist air valve that is going to be very quick to open and close. So you will be able to get the air out of the air pad rather quickly. At the same time, if you are using this pad for some of the other things this makes it easier for you to get it ready to be used and know it is going to be a great product to use.

What I Like With This Piece Of Camping Gear

I like the fact this is a product that is going to be inflated really quickly. You may think this is not going to matter that much, but when you are camping and want to get some sleeping done really quick because it is later at night you will like the fact this is going to get inflated really quick.

I do like the fact this is a product that has a PVC cover over the fabric. This is going to make it easier for me to get the product cleaned when I am done camping, but it also helps to prevent the dirt and grime from getting all the other items on the fabric, which I definitely will enjoy when I have kids who are able to destroy anything in sight with dirt.

What I Did Not Care For Here

I have to admit the one thing that I did not care for with this product is the fact that it does not really provide much in the way of protection for the air pad. Yes, it does have the protection you need to have for the ground and dirt, but I have to say that this is definitely something that I do not really feel protects the cushion itself quite a bit from being punctured.

My Final Thoughts On The BalanceFrom Self Inflating Air Pad

This is an air pad which means you have to keep the ground free from debris when you are setting this up. It also means you will have to keep the product ready to go and free from holes or animals that would like to chew it up. With that being the case, I have to say if you are going camping and want a decent camping cushion this may work for you. If you are going into the deep woods and hiking, then the BalanceFrom Self Inflating Air Pad may not be the best option for you.

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