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Discover The Blue Springs Sleeping Bag

Blue Springs Blue/Navy Sleeping Bag

Finding the perfect sleeping bag is difficult to do at times. Their are so many different brands and choices to make that it is nearly impossible to find the perfect sleeping bag. This is when you should know about some of the sleeping bags you may have never considered before, like the Blue Springs Sleeping bag. When you start to learn about this sleeping bag it is easier for you to see this is a sleeping bag that is a dream to sleep in, but also a great sleeping bag for you to situate yourself deep down into.  With that being the case, let us start our review of the Blue Springs Sleeping bag. Then you can know for certain if this sleeping bag will make it comfortable for you to go sleeping in while camping or if this is a sleeping bag that you may want to reconsider a different bag for camping.

Features Of The Blue Springs Sleeping Bag

  • Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

Is The Sleeping Bag Comfortable 

This is a common question when anyone is looking for a sleeping bag. The short answer is their are not a lot of reviews on the sleeping bag. However, this does not mean the sleeping bag is one you should avoid as it is very popular on Amazon as they are almost sold out right now, on 10/22/16. The good news is this is a sleeping bag that is in the mummy style, so you can easily add in a pillow and if you like the full wrap effect of the sleeping bags then this could easily be one of those sleeping bags that you will enjoy because it will keep you comfortable.

Who Manufactures The Blue Springs Sleeping Bag

The Blue Springs Sleeping bag is actually manufactured by ALPS Mountaineering. This is a good brand company, but the sleeping bag does not carry the name. So it could be a great way for you to get a sleeping bag at a lower cost and not really have to be concerned about spending a fortune on the camping equipment. So that is something else you really need to consider because it will make it easier for you to find the right sleeping bag and know it will suit your needs and comes from a reputable company.

Our Final Thoughts 

Our final thoughts are going to conclude that this is a sleeping bag that is decent and will keep you warm. However, at the same time it is a sleeping bag that comes from a very reputable company that you can trust and it is not sold under their brand name. Without the sleeping bag being sold under this brand name, it will be easier for you to enjoy the camping trip because you have a nice sleeping bag and know it will keep you warm for a long period of time.


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