Texsport Dual Burner Propane Stove with Matchless Push Button Piezo Ignition Starter





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Learn About The Texsport Carlisle Dual Burner Piezo Igniter Propane Stove

When you are looking at all the grills or stoves that are meant for camping you will generally find they are the single burner models or they look like something you would need a rocket science degree on how to operate. However, Texsport knows that you do not want to have all of those problems coming up. This is because they have come out with a dual  burner propane stove that is actually very easy for you to use and get it to work properly. All you have to do is make sure you know the way the grill is going to work and you can learn that by reading the review of the Texsport Carlisle Dual Burner Piezo Igniter Propane Stove.

Features Of The Dual Burner Piezo Igniter Carlile Grill By Texsport

This is a portable grill/stove that is going to make use of the Piezo igniter system. This system is going to virtually eliminate the need you have for matches. So this will make it easier for you to get the stove lit and not have to be concerned about trying to get the matches that always seem to disappear when you need to have them.

The stove portion has 2 high output burners that are going to hit the 10,000 BTU rate. This is a great rate and will put out quite a bit of heat to make it easier for you to get the cooking done. The grill surface the grill has is going to have the ability to put out 5,000 BTU and that will make it easier for you to get the cooking done all at once and on a single stove and grill.

With this grill and stove combination you will enjoy the fact it has a drip pan that will catch all the grease that you have dropping down. Now the pan is not made from the same porcelain materials that some of the products are made from. So this can be a challenge. Instead, the pan is stainless steel and that makes it easier for you to keep the grease and other issues removed from the grill.

What Is The Size Of This Camp Grill/Stove Combination?

 When you plan on getting this stove and grill combination you need to realize this is something that is not very small. So this will be a factor that you need to consider or you could end up getting a grill and think it will fit into the space you have saved for it only to find out it is quite a bit larger than what you imagined. The dimensions of this grill is 23 ” L x 13″ W x 4″ H. The grill also is rather heavy and will clock in on the weight scale at just around 16 pounds.

What Type Of Fuel Can This Grill Handle? 

This is the other factor that a lot of people tend to overlook at that is the fact they will need to get the portable propane cylinders. A common problem is getting the wrong size to work for this and keep it working right all the time. So you will like the fact this is a grill that will work on the 16.4 ounce portable propane cans so you can cook on the grill for a long period of time.

Are You Able To Use A 20 Pound Propane Tank With The Grill?

The answer with this is going to be a great big yes. However, you will find that it is going to be a challenge  because you may need to get a pressure regulator as well to help adjust the pressure down to the grill and not keep it from causing you any types of problems with the grill. If you do not have this then the pressure can be to much for the grill and cause you quite a bit of problems.

Who Would Work Great For This Grill?

This is a grill that would work for people that are going to a campsite or a picnic and plan on staying for a little bit of time. The grill and stove will make the food that you want to have quickly and easily. However, it will take a bit of time to cool off. Their are baffles on the grill and stove sides that make it easier for you to keep the wind off of the flame area to keep the grill working even when it is windy.

Who Would Not Like This Grill?

The people who would not like the grill are the people who are going to a campsite for a short time period or a picnic area to get the food prepared quickly and leave just as quick. The other group that would not like this grill would be the hikers. The reason why the hikers would not like this is because it is large, does not collapse down, and at close to sixteen pounds is very heavy for hiking.

Our Final Thoughts On The Texsport Carlisle Dual Burner Portable Propane Grill/Stove

Finding a great grill and stove combination that you can use outdoors and in a portable manner is a good thing. That is what the Texsport model offers you here. The grill portion only heats up to 5,000 BTU and is rather small compared to what we would like to see in a grill. The stove burners are 10,000 BTU and it heats up rather nicely and seems to have a decent amount of size.  Overall, this would suit most of your needs and as long as you are not having to grill out a ton of food for your family could serve a small meal quickly.

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