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Discover The Texsport Portable Twin Butane Stove

Cooking outdoors is always a lot of fun, but it can be difficult to do at times because you have so many different aspects of cooking that you have to consider. This is very true if you plan on cooking over an open fire because you have so many different factors to consider from the heat of the wood to the moisture content that you are going to have with the wood you plan on using for cooking. With that being the case, you will find that some people will bring along a stove to help you in getting the cooking done. With that being the case, we are going to do a review of the Texsport Portable Twin Butane Stove.

Features Of The Texsport Portable Twin Butane Stove

The grill obviously has a couple of burners, but what is really impressive is the fact these burners are able to provide you with 8,000 BTUs for cooking your food. So you will not have to be concerned about the stove not being able to heat up your food like you would like for it to do or even worse be worried about the stove not cooking your food completely.

Electronic ignition with the push button start is something else you will enjoy. With this type of ignition you do not have to be concerned about finding the matches you may need to light a fire or be concerned about the fire not lighting for you. It is important to check the ignition before you go camping because their is always the chance it may malfunction and this can easily lead to you needing to get the matches.

Both of the burners are going to have their own control knobs. This is a nice feature and one that is not seen on all the twin burner stoves for camping. So this makes it easier for you to control the burner temperatures to the level that you want to have them and know it is going to make it easier for you to get all the cooking done in a timely manner and safe manner for the foods.

What Size Canisters Can The Stove Handle? 

This is a good question because each of the different stoves that are going to take a lot of different tanks. With this stove it tends to accept two of the 8 ounce butane tanks. This way you are able to get the right information to help you out in getting the right tanks.  Now these are not included in the purchase of this grill so you will need to hit up your camping supply store before you get to the campground.

What Type Of Drip Surfaces Are Available? 

Face it at some point in time you will probably have some type of boil over accident. When thees happen you will often try to figure out what you have done to cause this issue. This is when you need to realize with this stove that is not an issue as they have a pair of twin drip catches that are made from porcelain to help you out in getting the right catch of any of the grease or boil over issues you may have.

How Large Can The Pots Be That Can Be Used On The Stove? 

Once again this is a question that is not really addressed by the manufacturer in the description of the product. With that being the case, you will want to know that it has been reported the skillets and pans that you can use are going to be in the 10 inch range for them to fit on safely and firmly. So you should keep this in mind when you are looking at the camping cookware that you are going to get to take camping with you.

Who Would Like This Stove The Most? 

With this being a twin stove it will work great for people who are going to want to cook for more than a single person on their camping trip. That is because this is a twin burner which means you can cook more than one thing at a time. I find this will help remind you of the older style of stoves you can find in some homes. So this will definitely make it easier for you to get the food made in a timely manner.

Who Would Not Do Well With This Stove?

Hikers and backpackers would not like this stove. The reason is fairly easy and straightforward and that is the stove does not compact down very well. Since this does not change size very well it would not fit in a backpack that well, but it is a solid piece. Someone else who would not care for this type of stove is going to be the ones who do not like using Butane to cook with. That is because this stove only accepts the butane as the fuel source.

Our Final Thoughts On The Texsport Twin Butane Portable Stove

When you want to get a good camp stove you will really want to consider this stove. It is one that is going to make it easier for you to cook your food all at the same time. Not to mention if you want to do vegetables on the stove and your meat on the fire then you will love this camp stove. So this will make it easier for you to have a great time cooking the food that you want to have and know the food will help you enjoy your camping trip even better than what you would imagine.

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