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Discover The Browning Camping Acadia Sleeping Bag

Camping in the middle of winter can be a challenge because of all the cold weather conditions you can face and the fact that you may not have a campfire at times to keep you warm. This is when you should know about some of the sleeping bags that are going to help keep you warm in the middle of the night while you are camping. One of those is the 0 degree rated Browning Camping Acadia Sleeping bag. In this review that is the sleeping bag we are going to cover and this will make it easier for you to have a great camping trip even in the middle of winter.

Features Of The Browning Acadia Sleeping Bag

The first thing you will enjoy about the sleeping bag is the fact that it has a two layer type of construction. This type of construction will make it easier for you to get the sleeping bag set like you want to have it. However, it will also allow you to had the added power of insulation as well and this will make it easier for you to have a chance to stay warmer in the winter weather.

Techloft Insulation is something else that is enjoyable for the sleeping bag. When you look at this sleeping bag you may ask what this type of insulation is and the fact is this is a simple type of insulation that is multi-hole staple-length micro-denier fibers. All of these have a siliconized finish so you get the most out of the insulation for warmth and the amount that you can compact the sleeping bag as well.

Length of the sleeping bag is another feature you will really like. We have talked about the Browning camping gear here before and have found that it lives under the guise of bigger is better. The sleeping bag actually measures 84 inches long, which means you will have plenty of room to stretch out in.

How Do You Wash The Browning Acadia Sleeping Bag? 

The answer to that question is actually very easy if you have a larger washing machine that has a gentle cycle. That is because you can machine wash this sleeping bag on a gentle or almost a handwash type of sleeping bag. Then you just have to make sure you putting the sleeping bag out to air dry to keep the sleeping bag drying.

Can You Compress This Sleeping Bag

While the sleeping bag does have a compress bag, it does not compress down that well. Not to mention you cannot do anything about the weight of the sleeping bag. So this is definitely something that you need to consider if you plan on going hiking and want to take a good winter sleeping bag with you.

Is The 0 Degree Rating Legit? 

Now this is an interesting question because a lot of the sleeping bags that we have talked about have a temperature rating, but it is only good to the point that the bag is survival only at that rating. However, this is a bag that has been rated decent and a lot of people have reported that even down to the lower 20 degree range the sleeping bag was exceptionally warm and was able to stay very warm to the point they were sweating in the middle of the night. Now, it is important to note that their was no mention of what other gear the people had so they could have had sleeping bag blankets or other items as well to help keep themselves warmer at night.

Who Would Do Best With The Browning Acadia?

The people who would really like this sleeping bag are those who are going to be camping in a camper or RV. Yes, tent campers may like the sleeping bag, but you need to realize it is not for everyone because it is a larger sleeping bag and if you have a smaller tent it could be nothing more than your sleeping bag.

Who Would Not Do Well With This Sleeping Bag

Hikers are not going to like this sleeping bag. Yes it can compress down some, but it will not compress down to the level that you need for your backpack. However, you will also find that it is rather heavy as well as it tips the skill at over six pounds. Something else that may not work for you is the campers who like to use a tent. Yes, it will fit in a tent, but remember a smaller tent may not be able to hold the sleeping bag without having the entire tent space being a bag.

Our Final Thoughts On The Browning Acadia 

The Browning brand is one that we really like for the quality and size of the pieces they produce. However, the Acadia sleeping bag is definitely one that we fell in love with. The sleeping bag has a low temperature rating of 0 degrees and it has been reported that people are comfortable at this temperature. Throw in the fact this is a sleeping bag you can wash in your machine and you have a great sleeping bag that helps you out quite a bit to enjoy your camping trip.

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