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Browning Big Horn Family Tent

Browning Big Horn Family Tent Set Up On A Beach

Typically when you are going camping, you will find it is a good idea to bring along a tent. However, camping as a family,  is a challenge because it seems that all the tents are meant for a small family or a couple.  This is when you will notice, they do make family tents, but for a higher price than what you would want to pay. Since this is the case, you need to make sure you do your homework before you buy any of these family tents. Here is the Browning Big Horn family tent review, which can help you know more about this tent.

Features Of The Big Horn

  • Wall divider is available to make 2 separate rooms.
  • Factory sealed wall and floor seams to provide optimal water protection
  • Has a water proof fly that can cover the zippers to help improve the water protection.
  • Polyester fly that will resist the fading that is present with the sun.

How Is This Tent Used

Setting up a tent is pretty self explanatory. I know with this tent, you will be able to get the set up done quickly and easily. With this tent it has fiberglass poles and steel uprights. So this will make it a little bit easier to assemble this tent compared to some of the tents that are just fiberglass supports. The Browning Big Horn Family Tent does include the steel stakes as well, which will help you secure the tent to the ground and keep it in place in the winds that can hit. You need to make sure you carefully follow the directions on the placement and depth to put in the stakes.

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Size Of The Tent

When you are looking at the family tents, you want to have a tent that is large enough to allow you to have separate sleeping space for each family member. However, you also want to get a tent that is going to provide you with the space that you need to stretch out in. With this tent, it actually measures close to a 10 ‘ x 15’. So this gives you plenty of room to stretch out in, but with the center divider to make the tent into two rooms, it allows you to have a separate space for a living room area and a bedroom area if you are only camping as a couple. When packed back up and ready to be transported, the claim is for the tent to compact down to an amazing 12″x30″, which will make it very easy for carrying, except the weight is over 30 pounds.

Water Proof Tent

A major concern when you go camping in a tent is if the inside of the tent is going to stay dry when the rain blows in. With a lot of the older tents that were canvas, you would see water piling up on the tent and you would touch it and have the water come straight through the tent. However, with this tent, you do not have to worry about this being a problem at all. If you do encounter any problems, you will really enjoy the next feature of this tent.


Camping is not as easy as what they make it look. You will have harsh weather at times, but you will also have wind to cope with as well. Now the camping tents are going to take a lot of abuse and this is something that cannot really be avoided. However, it has been noted this is a company that offers a great warranty on their tents. In fact, one person was in a rain storm for 4 days according to their review on Amazon and the bottom of the tent on the fourth day started to get wet. They contacted the manufacturer of the tent and managed to get a replacement right away.

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Separate Entrances

Now this is an interesting tidbit of information that I did not even realize when I first started writing any reviews on the family camping tents. That is the fact that the separate entrance is going to be a great item to have available. With these separate entrances, you can have the tent set up for your kids on one side and the parents on the other side, but instead of everyone going to bed at the same time, the kids can still go to bed earlier because of the separate entrance and not be disturbed by the parents coming into the tent later on in the night.

Interior Storage

When you go camping in a tent it is important to have the most storage space available. However, with this tent, you will find it has interior storage pockets and these pockets make it easy for you to store items inside of your tent and keep your belongings safe. Now this does not mean that you can put your entire suitcase in the storage pockets, but it does provide you with a little bit of a storage space for you to put some of your items.


Rain Covers

As we have already talked about in other posts here, the camping trips you take are not always going to take place in the middle of summer with bright sunny weather all the time. With this being the case, you will find the rain can easily come through the mesh. This is when you will really like the fact that this tent has a rain cover that is going to take and enclose those mesh nets. This way you can start to get the right protection from the rain and not have to be concerned about the rain getting you soaking wet.


  • Large size
  • Water proof materials
  • Strong warranty the company stands behind
  • Includes the stakes that are needed to secure the tent to the ground


  • The poles are exterior based, which can make it hard to use
  • The divider does not come all the way down to the floor
  • Rain cover is very hard to zip completely and at points looks like it is going to tear the roof.

Price Options

I have to admit I did quite a bit of research on this tent and have found quite a bit of different pricing ranging for the upper 300’s to the mid 200’s. The best thing is I have found is the price that is found on eBay. I know that sounds bad, but it literally is the best price, even when compared to some of the specialty stores that are selling camping gear. So make sure you look at the price on eBay by clicking on the link below.

What Other Customers Are Saying

You can easily see the review that I have here is important, but what you really care about is what other people are saying. By having this information, you are getting multiple peoples opinions and will know this is going to be a great thing to know. Most of the customers who have purchased this tent are bragging about how large the tent is, which is like the Prairie Breeze model. So you will enjoy the extra size and one person even went far enough to say they could fit three cots in half of the tent. Room separation is the other thing that everyone seemed to be bragging about with the tent. So you will be able to enjoy the tent even if you want to have some privacy in the tent from the kids.

Our Final Thoughts

tent Talk 2

Okay, now for our final thoughts on this camping tent so you can enjoy the outdoors as a family. Our final thoughts are this is a tent that you will enjoy for years to come. However, even if you are going out into the woods by yourself this tent is not the one for you. You just have to make sure the tent is going to match your needs and if you need a huge tent this one is the perfect tent for your needs. I know this sounds odd, but if you do not need to have a huge tent then you will want to make sure you consider a different tent. If you plan on camping for a long period of time or want your family to come with you, then I would highly recommend considering the Browning Big Horn Family Tent

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