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Sleeping Bag Selection Tips
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Selecting a sleeping bag can be a challenge because of all the different models and choices that you have available. This is when you should know about some of the methods that you can to help with sleeping bag selection for your camping adventure. I know when I was looking at writing all the reviews covering the double sleeping bags, it was very interesting because I found a lot of information. Here you will find some of the items that we have started to use to narrow down the selection in sleeping bags that we have made so far.

Climate Rating Issues

Camping has become a year round event for people recently. The campgrounds are starting to come out and be open all year long, but also the sleeping bags are starting to match up to the climate that we have all been going camping in. With this being the case, you need to take into account the climate rating of your sleeping bag selection. You may think, like I did when I first started the research, is the manufacturers climate ratings may not be as useful as what you would think.

With the in depth research that we completed on the double sleeping bags, to start off with and the others to follow the manufacturer ratings did not match up with the exact measurements users were reporting. So I would have to say you need to carefully research the sleeping bags as this is going to make a difference in if you are getting the true climate rating or one the company is claiming will work. I know this is an issue and one that is not really addressed, until you do the trial and error with the sleeping bags and wake up freezing cold.

Even with all of that information being said, you will find users do talk about the climate rating of the sleeping bags and if they hold true or not. However, with a little bit of research it is going to be easy for you to get the right sleeping bag. Our website here has a lot of the double sleeping bags researched for you and this will make it easier for you to know if you are getting the right sleeping bag.

Weight Of The Sleeping Bag

When you are looking at the sleeping bags, you will often notice the manufacturers are very quick to point out the weight of their sleeping bags filling. However, this does not give you the complete weight of the sleeping bag, which is what you need if you plan on taking the sleeping bag hiking. In our reviews, we do strive to find the complete weight of the sleeping bags and this will help you know if you can take this sleeping bag hiking with you deep into the woods or if you will need to pack a mattress for the back of your car for the sleeping bag.

Something else you need to consider with the weight of the sleeping bag is the lighter bags, which can be good for cold weather if the insulation material is right, generally is not meant for cold weather. So you will need to make sure you look at the weight of the sleeping bag because this is usually a good indicator for how well the sleeping bag is going to do in the weather as well.

Carrying Bags

I have to admit, I hate to carry the sleeping bags when they do not have a carrying bag. I know that you can carry the sleeping bags with you if you have the right equipment, but how many people have the big backpacks to carry a sleeping bag on top of. However, an even more important question is how many of the sleeping bags has the little straps to hold the sleeping bag in perfect shape when they are trying to carry it. It seems to me, while doing the reviews, that most of the sleeping bags are doing away with the little straps and this means it is nearly impossible to keep the sleeping bag in its rolled up shape.

I know that I just got done harping about the lack of straps on the sleeping bags, but this does not mean that I do not want to have a carrying bag. I want the carrying bag to help in keeping the sleeping bag rolled up, but also easier to carry. Not only that my storage at my home is limited, I mean come on people I have kids so anything not in a bag is destroyed. So I want to have the carrying bag to keep the sleeping bags in one piece, I mean heck these bags are expensive!

Ease Of Use A Big Sleeping Bag Selection Catch

This may seem like it is a crazy notion to actually have to put this in a consideration to make in a sleeping bag, but advances in technology have made a huge change in the way sleeping bags are used. Some of the sleeping bags will have the mummy tube for you to fit down into, other sleeping bags will have the traditional envelope style that you are used to seeing. However, you will find that with these different sleeping bags they are going to require something different for you to use.

To this end, we have had to take time out of each of the sleeping bags that we have reviewed here and put in a how to use section. Some of these sleeping bags are very easy to use, but other sleeping bags are very easy to use. Since this is the case you should make sure you know exactly how to use the sleeping bag, but also know if the sleeping bag is easier than what you think to use or not.

Camping may be a great way to travel, but you will find the selection in sleeping bags you have is huge. In fact, it is so huge it is taking up a lot of categories on our website. However, I know from personal experience, even before I started reviewing the camping gear of today it is very hard to narrow down which piece of gear you want to use. The one thing I am certain of is each time I look at a new piece of gear, though, it is very easy to see if the piece of gear will work for me or not because I evaluate each little detail carefully and that includes in the sleeping bag selection.

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