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Pond view for camping


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Pond view for camping

Sleeping bags are not a dime a dozen like some people would lead you to believe. At least not the high quality sleeping bags you want to have when you head out into the woods. To that end, you should know more about the different sleeping bags that are on the market. When you know about these different sleeping bags, it is rather easy for you to select the right sleeping bag and know it will suit your needs, no matter what season you plan on going camping in. To that end, we have decided to do another double sleeping bag review, except this time it is the Guide Gear Elk Double Canvas sleeping bag review that we are covering.

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Features Of The Guide Gear Elk Double Canvas Sleeping Bag

  • Cotton canvas construction for movers in their sleep
  • Cotton brushed flannel lining on the inside of the bag.
  • Hood and draft collar
  • Polyester fiber fill on the inside insulation of the sleeping bag

How Is It Used

Well, the basic answer is you can use this sleeping bag just like you would use any of the other sleeping bags. However, this is a double sleeping bag so you need to know it does have only one side that has the zipper. So if you are on the closed side, you either have to climb straight out the top of the sleeping bag, which can be a pain or attempt to climb over the other person without disturbing them. This is a drawback with this sleeping bag, but it is something that you have to overcome if you purchase this sleeping bag.

Size Of The Guide Gear Elk

A double sleeping bag is a nice thing to have if you are a large individual or want to go camping with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. When you want to go camping like this, you may find the regular sleeping bags are just way to small for you to be comfortable and enjoy your camping trip. This is not a problem with the Guide Gear model that is here. This sleeping bag has plenty of space and is reported to be 90 inches long and 50 inches wide, this width is a little bit smaller than most of the double sleeping bags we reviewed, but it is a little bit wider than 4 feet.

Comfort Levels

Sleeping in a sleeping bag is usually not that comfortable unless you have an air mattress underneath the sleeping bag. I know from personal experience that my sleeping bag found every rock or little pebble that was under it. I almost felt like the Princess and the Pea story actually.

Well, that is my story, but then again I am cheap and used a sleeping bag that was not top quality and was generally frowned upon with the comfort levels in all the reviews that I read. You can see that it was my old sleeping bag because I have learned from that mistake! With the Elk double sleeping bag, you will notice it has a high rating for comfort and generally will be easy for you to use as a sleeping bag.

All of the reviews that I read online, talk about the comfort this sleeping bag has, but also the warmth. Most of the people say the sleeping bag by itself is a true double sleeping bag, which makes it more comfortable and removes the gap from a double sleeping bag that is made from two single bags that are zipped together. This also means you do not have a zipper to fight in the middle of the sleeping bag if you are trying to be the bag hog.

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Quality Of The Bag

When you are using a sleeping bag, you know the weather and all the other conditions you are facing are going to be pristine all the time. Instead, you will notice most of these bags are going to tear up on you if you put them down on the ground and do not have anything under them to protect them from the ground. However, this model has a strong reputation as being one of the best on the market at protecting yourself from the ground, but also in avoiding any types of rips or tears in the fabric.

An important note to make here is just because we are reporting this sleeping bag is very resistant to the tears and rips, it does not mean that you should completely disregard common sense. Instead, you should still try to find an area that is devoid of rocks or other items to help you in getting to have a comfortable place to lay down at night.


This is a sleeping bag that is rated down to zero degrees by the company. However, a good point to make here, just like the Teton  sleeping bag, it actually has users who support this rating. So you will see the polyester fill material is very warm and actually heavy enough to keep you warm as the thermometer outside starts to drop ever lower. This is completely different than what you get with some of the other bags we have reviewed, where users state the bag did not keep them warm. So this is a nice feature for you to take advantage of as well.

Carrying Bag

It is widely reported this sleeping bag comes with a carrying bag. However, it is also reported at the same time the sleeping bag is rather large with the sleeping bag inside of it. Something else that people have reported in the reviews is it is nearly impossible to shove the sleeping bag back into the carrying bag because of the size of the bag compared to its carrying sack. So you need to take this into consideration if you want to have a great sleeping bag that will work for what you need, a carrying sack.


Length – 90 inches

Width – 50 inches

Weight – 18.1 pounds


  • Large size
  • Carrying bag
  • Durable
  • Very warm
  • True double sleeping bag
  • Stain resistant


  • Very heavy and cannot be used for backpacking
  • Does not fit easily back into carrying bag
  • Only one side of the sleeping bag is zippered
  • Snug fit for two people

Price Options For The Guide Gear Elk Sleeping Bag

Now this is where it gets very interesting. This sleeping bag is perfectly priced if you want a true double bag. However, if you are interested in joining the website, I did find a price that is cheaper than Walmart. A big drawback is that you have to become a member of this website if you are going to get the lower price on the bag. The other drawback is the savings it not enough to cover the price of the sleeping bag by itself.

With that being said, I did not find a price outside of the member price for that website lower than Walmart. You just want to make sure you check out the lowest advertised price on Walmart, before you make a choice.

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What Consumers Are Saying

If you are like me, you want to know what others are saying about a product as well. I know this is something I do each time I buy something, especially if I am buying something on the Internet. With that being said, I have found this is a great product and even the vast majority of the reviewers on Amazon are saying the exact same thing.

The majority of the consumers on Amazon who have purchased this bag are talking about how roomy the bag is, but also how warm it kept them at night. Now this is something you will enjoy because it means you can finally go camping in all the different weather conditions you want to. However, with the room you will find it allows you to move around, but some of the same consumers would go on later in their review and contradict themselves about the size of the bag being a little snug, my guess would be because the bag is only a touch over 4 feet wide.

Our Final Take On The Guide Gear Elk Double Canvas Sleeping Bag

Camping is God's way

Now you are probably waiting with baited breath for our final take on this sleeping bag. I know that with most of the sleeping bags we have talked about so far the chief complaint has been the size, which is the exact same with this bag. However, this bag at least does not have any issues with the insulation factor or the bags having the zipper in the middle of it that is going to cause an issue for you.

This bag seems to have quite a few features that we look for in a double sleeping bag. However, as you will find this is a bag that does only have a single zipper, which is our major concern with the sleeping bag. Overall, this is a very solid sleeping bag and it is a sleeping bag that will let you get the quality sleep you need while camping.

The final conclusion that we have on our Guide Gear Elk double sleeping bag review, is this is a great sleeping bag to buy. The sleeping bag will keep you warm at night, but also has enough room for you to be comfortable with your spouse sleeping right next to you.

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