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Burlingame State Campgrounds, Charlestown, Rhode Island


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A campground and a state park combined defintiely is a great way to go camping. However, what you will find is not all of the campgrounds and state parks are the same in level of what you can do or even what is available. With that in mind, we have decided to continue our campground or state park series. In this case we are talking about Burlingame State Park and Campground which is located in Charlestown, Rhosde Island.

Where Is Burlingame State Park Located

The campground is one place that it is important to know where it is located. I mean literally if you cannot get to a campground what good is it to know what you can do. Since that is the case, here is the location of where the Burlingame State Park is located at.

1 Burlingame Park Road

Charlestown, RI 02813


Features Of The Park

  • Park has a total of 3,100 acres.
  • Provides fireplaces, picnic tables and wash rooms.
  • Has over 755 campsites to pick from.
  • Watchaug Pond is at the heart of the park.
  • Provides plenty of hiking trails.
Watchaug Pond in Charlestown Rhode Island is located next to Burlingame State Park.

What Can Kids Do

Often when you are camping as a family it means you have little kids with you. I know that is the case for me anyways and even the older kids as well. Still, you need to know what you can do with your kids when you are at a campground and definitely one that is like what you find here in beautiful Rhode Island.

One of the main things that you can find at the campground is the fact that it does have a playground. Now, it is more along the lines of the typical camp playground which means it is a little bit smaller. Still, this is a feature that your kids can enjoy and use.

Something else that your older kids can enjoy would be more along the lines of the arcade. These arcades make it easier for your kids to be entertained, but also interact with other kids as well. The downside is it is an arcade and that could mean your kids would have to wait for the games and their is no guarantee the games are completely new or up to the level that the kids would want to play.

The Camping Spots Are Nice

The campground here does offer a wide choice of spots and with over 700 campsites to pick from it will be easier to find the one that matches your needs. Now, the downside is each of these campsites are rustic. With the primitive type of campsites it means that you do not have any of the utilities that you may have wanted to have.

Now, in the list of the features we mentioned the campground has 720 campsites. Well, the final 20 campsites are rustic cabins. These provide you with a chance to camp even if you do not have any of the campsites that you can use.

Even with the campground being rustic without utilities at the campsites it is going to be easy to find what you need. Most of the campsites are located within very comfortable and easy walking distance to the restrooms and the shower house. So even if you are at the rustic campground you can still get cleaned up when you camp.

Cabin Features

Burlingame State Park does have 20 rustic cabins you can rent. These are going to make it easier for you to have a good time at the campground, but also have plenty of space to enjoy the park as well. So what do the cabins have to offer?

The cabins are very rustic and do not have any of the bathrooms that you are expecting to have in a cabin. Now, the cabins do not have any of the other features you may have come to expect as well. This includes electric and even some of the heat that you may have come to expect.

When you are in the cabins one thing that you can enjoy is the fact that the chance of getting anything from the mattresses is completely gone! The campground provides you with the bunk beds, with two of them in each cabin. However, no mattress or bedding is provided. In fact, even on the Rhode Island Parks website it recommends that you bring an air mattress to have the proper comfort when you are camping.

Whats Available In The Park

As you can imagine the campground does have plenty of features for you to enjoy. I know that I already mentioned what you can do with your kids at the campground. However, those are specific to the kids and while the adults can enjoy those at times they are not necessarily geared towards you.

One of the main things that you can enjoy is the freshwater beach. This beach makes it easier for you to enjoy Watchaug Pond. Now, the good news is this also makes it easier for you to soak up the suns rays as well.

Now, sometimes just staying on the beach may not be the best option for you to enjoy while camping. With that being the case, you could easily enjoy the canoe rentals. These rentals makes it easier for you to have a good time on the water and get to some parts of the park that you normally would not have been able to access without spending hours hiking to.

Well, that brings up the next part of the campground and what you can do. That is mainly the hiking that can be done at the campground. The campground has plenty of trails for you to follow and with the nature that is around in the campground it makes it easier for you to enjoy what is seen in the area.

What Is In The Area Around Burlingame State Park

As mentioned Burlingame State Park is located in Charlestown, Rhode Island. So you will want to make sure you know what you can do in the area and I have to tell you that it is quite amazing what all you can do in the area around the park as well.

East Beach is one of the main attractions in Charlestown. This makes it easier for you to have a great trip and enjoy the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. East Beach has 3 miles of pristine coastland and plenty of sand and gravel for you to get all of your sore feet soaked on.

Frosty Drew Observatory is another attraction that is local to the state park. The observatory has various hours and depending on when you are coming to the park may not be open at all. The important thing to remember is if you are going here that it has to be dark so you are going to be away from your campsite at night.

Finally, among all the local attractions is one that is centered around food. That would be The Breachway Grill. This is more along the lines of a bar and club type of scene, but it is one that can make it easier for you to find food outside of the typical camp cooking.

Pros And Cons

  • The campground has plenty of campsites to pick from.
  • Inside of the campground itself has things for anyone to do.
  • Plenty of hiking trails for you to enjoy.
  • Canoe rentals make it easier for you to enjoy the water.
  • Does have cabins available to rent if needed.
  • The campsites and cabins are rustic and do not have utilities in place.
  • The rocky woods at times can make it harder to walk or hike.

Who Would Enjoy The Park

Knowing who would enjoy a park is a key factor in knowing if you should stay at the park or not. Well, their are a couple of type of people that would enjoy Burlingame State Park.

The main group that would enjoy the park are those that do not mind the rustic type of camping. Since almost all of the campsites do not have any type of utilities it is important to know that you are going to be ”roughing” it. So people who do not mind that aspect of camping would actually enjoy and thrive at this campground.

The other group of people who would absolutely love this campground are those that want to get away from everything. Yes, you do have some cell service, but it is not always crystal clear. To make it even better this campground with the lack of electric going to all the sites does lead to more silence in the park and allows nature to take over and fill the constant drum of sound that we have grown used to.

Who Would Not Like The Park

For the most part the campground and park would be liked by almost anyone. However, this is a park that is not meant for people who are going to want to be around electricity or have to rely on electronic devices to survive. Now, you may think that I am talking about phones and tablets or even the computer, but that is not the case. I am talking about people who have to have air conditioning to survive the heat, but also people who may need supplemental oxygen from an oxygen machine.

My Final Thoughts On The Campground

For many people a primitive campground may not be ideal. However, for those that want to have the silence from devices and just enjoy nature then you cannot go wrong here. The campground has everything you can want for silent reflective time. The campground does have normal people noises, but usually not a device sound. Overall, the Burlingame State Park and Campground is one location that you can enjoy and has plenty to do for any nature lover and that is why I have to say I would recommend this park for people who do not mind the rustic camping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Burlingame State Campground Have Electric?

No, the campsites themselves do not have electric.

Is Alcohol Allowed?

No, just like in most state campground no alcohol is allowed.

Can I Bring My Dog To Burlingame State Park?

Dogs are allowed at the campground, but have to be kept on a leash that is not longer than 6 feet.

Can You Fish At Burlingame State Park?

Yes, you are allowed to go fishing at the park.

Is Swimming Allowed At The Park?

Swimming is allowed in designated areas.

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