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Camp Chef Rainier 2X Griddle & Camp Stove


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Camp Chef is one brand that a lot of people are starting to notice as being a very reliable brand for quality and look for the camper. However, with the Camp Chef you are going to find that it does have a wide range of products available to pick from. With that being the case, I have decided to carry out the Camp Chef Rainier 2X 2-burner grill & stove combo review. In this review, you will see the features, learn what we liked and disliked, but also what other people think about the grill and stove combination.

Features Of The Camp Chef

  • Can be used with several different propane tank sizes.
  • The 10,000 BTU burner is able to boil water quickly.
  • Carry bag makes moving the stove easy.
  • Has wind battles.
  • Uses an ignitor button to start the flames.
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Dimensions Of The Stove

The stove is coming in as a little bit on the big side, but still is small enough and light enough for a single person to move.

The dimension are coming in at 23.5 inches long, 13 inches deep, but only 5.75 inches tall. Which that size makes it perfect to fit on the end of a picnic table for all of your camp cooking needs.

The weight of the grill is actually lighter than what you might expect. However, this does not mean the materials are cheap or not good quality, just they are used properly. The weight for the stove comes in at around the 16 pound mark.

Adaptable To Different Propane Tanks

A common problem that I have found is that some of the camp stoves that I have used in the past only worked on one size of propane tank. That is not the case here as the grill is adaptable to a couple of sizes of propane tanks.

The main size tank that the stove is set up for is the 1 pound tanks. These are going to be the size that works best and often is what you can buy in the camp stores, but also find easily in the super stores as well. Now, the regulator for these is updated and improved, which does mean it is easier to put the tanks on.

Now, one thing that Camp Chef has done in the Rainier 2X model is have the ability to use the 20 pound cylinder. The cylinder will definitely be helpful if you are on a longer camping trip and do not want to run out of fuel. However, the hose that you need to have for the larger bulk tanks are not included and is an optional purchase you would have to make.

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Various Output Depending On Burner

With most of the camp grills if you have a single burner you only get a limited amount of output. Then when you graduate to the two burner systems you may end up having two burners, but the output is the same. Often, in my experience the two burners tend to heat up and at different speeds as well.

On the Camp Chef Rainier you have two individual burners that are putting out 10,000 BTU for one of the burners and 8,000 BTU for the other burner. This makes it easier to cook all of your food properly, but also have better control over the heat that you are putting out at any given time.

Speaking of the heat control it actually is easier to do than what you imagined. That comes from the fact that you have control knobs that can adjust the amount of heat being put out. This allows for better control over the cooking process, but also helps prevent the food from burning. That is unless you are my husband who I am convinced would be able to burn water.

Barrier Protection For Flame Control

The wind is my archenemy anytime I am using one of the camp stoves. In fact, after talking to several other campers as well I found it is enemy number 1 for almost anyone who is camping and trying to cook on a camp stove.

Well, the Camp Chef company has decided to address the issue and has ended up selling the stove with wind breaks. These are the little walls that go around the size and back of the camp stove. This allows you to cook the food without having to worry about the wind getting your flames and causing them to go out.

It is important to note that these have to be properly installed for them to work. However, in other reviews we have found that the sides of the camp stove do not fit in securely at times and are flimsy. This makes it harder for you to use the side walls. Now, that could have just been on the one stove that the person was using, but it could be a common problem for the entire line and that should be taken into account.

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Matchless Ignition

If you are like me finding a match to light a grill is nearly impossible to do. It never fails that your husband takes off with them or your teenagers have used them outside to light the fire outside in the fire pit and left the matches in the rain. If this sounds familiar at all you are not alone.

In fact, the Camp Chef company realizes this is a common problem and has addressed it in the camp stove here. The way that it was addressed was by using a matchless ignition. What this means is you do not have to have any type of outside influence to light the grill and it is a self contained ignition system.

To light the Camp Chef system all that you have to do is turn on the gas valve and set the temperature setting on the valve. Then you press the red ignition button. This will cause a spark to happen by the burners and will ignite the gas that you have released into the chambers. After the burners are lit all that you have to do is adjust the temperature on them to the setting you want and then you are ready to start cooking your own foot.

Easy To Clean Up

Cleaning up a camp stove is very important if you are camping in an area where wildlife may go after the stove. However, it is also important if you want to keep your camp grill or stove working for a longer period of time. With that being the case, the Camp Chef company has made it easier to clean up the stove to a point.

The main thing that you are going to enjoy is the stove part and the grill part have their own grease tray and on the other part you have a stainless steel drip tray. Both of these are going to make it easier for you to clean the stove out when you are trying to clean up after cooking your meal. However, at the same time it has been reported that these are difficult to use and in some cases are nearly impossible to use depending on where you are putting them and how you have them placed.

Pros And Cons

  • Can work with a 1 pound or 20 pound cylinder.
  • Has wind barriers to help with flame control.
  • Two different sized burners make it easier to cook.
  • Does not require a match or lighter for ignition.
  • Heat control knobs make it easier to change heat.
  • Can be difficult to light in the wind.
  • Side panels on the wind barriers do not fit in tightly.
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What Others Are Saying

I know that I have started to give you some great information about the Camp Chef Rainier 2X Grill & Stove combo, but thats only my opinion. To help you make an educated choice, I am including information from other people as well. With that being said, here is some of the information I found from other reviews.

The first review that I found is talking about a negative of the grill and was left by Jeremy on Gandermountain. ”First the open flame will flare if using the grill plate”. This is talking about the grill plate that is beside the stove part of the combination. Now, the solution that he found was using a heat shield that worked, but still would get really hot.

Kristin left this review on and had this to say. ”Heats and cooks throughly and easy to set up too”. As we mentioned earlier this is a grill that is very easy to set up and that makes it easy for a family camping trip, but also with the cooking power it makes it easier to get all of your meals timed out perfectly.

What Is In The Box

Knowing what is in the box is actually important because it makes it easier to figure out what exactly you need to buy extra. Included in this box is the following ite,s.

  • The camp stove.
  • Wind barriers that fit into the slots on the side.
  • Non-stick coated aluminum grill grate.
  • Griddle.
  • Carrying bag.

What Accessories To Consider

While you have everything that you need to get started cooking right away it is always a good idea to have some extra items available. Here is some of the things that you need to consider as an accessory to buy with the Camp Chef Rainier 2X Grill & Stove combo.

The propane tanks that are the proper size. This is going to be very handy as you need to have the gas to power the stove and grill or you will not be cooking at all. The other thing to consider would be the hose that can take the 20 pound cylinder and adapt it to working with this stove.

Finally, as mentioned in the other reviews above you may want to consider some type of heat shield. This shield will make it easier for the camp stove to work properly, but also helps to keep the heat centered on the one burner that it is supposed to be on, instead of on both of the burners at the same time.

Who Would Like This Camp Stove

The people who would benefit the most from this camp stove would be those that are camping and do not have another stove or camper stove to use. Yes, these stoves are a great substitute if you are missing a stove or if you are trying to get a stove that will work for your tent camping.

Another group that would like the camp stove are those that like to go to the beach or picnic a lot. The weight of this stove combined with the fact that it does not use the larger propane tanks for its only source of heat make this a great option. Still, with the wind baffles it helps to protect from any type of wind that you could get off of the shores of a lake, like the one at Burlingame State Park and Campground.

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Who Would Not Benefit From This Stove

People who would not benefit from this camp stove would be the people who have a camp stove in their camper or already own one. That is because the size of this stove is large, but the fact that you would have to set it up and move it to where you want it could become cumbersome for some people. That coupled with the fact that the camp stove would mean more gear to lug around may make it a horrible option for some people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Is The Camp Chef Rainier 2X

The Camp Chef Rainier 2X comes in at 23.5”L x 13”D x 5.75” H

What Is The Camp Chef Rainier Output?

The Camp Chef Rainier is able to put out 10,000 BTU and 8,000 BTU depending on the burner.

How Is The Camp Chef Lit?

One of the first things to note is you do not have to use a match or lighter. It is a push button ignitor.

My Final Thoughts

Eating food is a necessary part of living. If you are unable to eat food, then the chances are good that you are going to starve. However, if you are able to get cooked food it helps bring some meals that you would not have been able to eat a reality for eating. With that being the case, I have to say the Camp Chef Rainier 2X Griddle & Camp Stove combination is a great way to prepare your food. You just have to overcome a couple of problems with the stove, but even with those issues I have to say I would recommend the Camp Chef Rainier as a viable option for your camp cooking needs. You can buy the camp stove by clicking here.

Camp Chef Rainier 2X Griddle & Camp Stove

199.99 199.99
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A camp stove that is able to cook most of your camp foods that you love and adore.

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