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The Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator is meant to help you with powering your items while camping. The product is one that does this job decently for being solar powered. However, we know Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator is one that a lot of people have questions about. That is why we have decided at Today’s Camping Gear it was time to carry out our own review on Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator and fill you in on what makes this standout from others on the market.

Features Of The Generator

  • Has a 100W solar panel with 50’ cable.
  • Has a 12V DC power port.
  • The inverter converts 12V input to 120V AC outlet.
  • LCD Screen for monitoring.
  • Comes on a cart.
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What Are The Dimensions Of Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator

The dimensions makes it easier for you to know exactly how much space you need. Since that is the case here are the dimensions of Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator. 

The size of the generator is important to know as it can take up quite a bit of your space in your camping gear. The item itself is 23”Lx22”Wx17”H.

The weight is definitely a major issue and one that you are going to have to overcome and need to use the cart for as it comes in tipping the scale at 111 pounds.

Portable Using The Included Cart

I will use the term portable loosely here. That comes from the fact that, yes you can move the generator around. However, if you want to easily move the portable generator around the cart that is included is a must.

Now, I will say that it is possible to move the generator without the cart. However, you will need more than a single person to move it with the weight being so heavy and the size being a little awkward to carry on your own. Dragging would not be a good option as you could damage some of the electronics and cause the generator to stop working.

With the cart the wheels are not the huge off road type of wheels either. So that can definitely make it a challenge for some people to use as well. Not to mention with the smaller wheels it also means you could end up getting stuck in the mud or dirt while you are walking in the path that is not cleared up.

The Sine-Wave Inverter Converts 1,800W 12V to 120V AC

The power inverter is definitely something you need to take full advantage of. The way this system works is it will take the power that is generated and convert it to more usable power.

The important thing is the type of power being generated here. I know that you may look and think it is power so it does not matter at all. However, if you have something that requires a plug like a household circuit, the direct power will not work.

A good way to think about this is the batteries that are in a flashlight are a direct current. However, the charger for those batteries is an alternating current. So when you plug the batteries into the charger it will charge the battery for you to be used as a direct current again.

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50 Foot Power Cable Gives Range

A power cable is definitely one thing that is needed to connect your power from the solar panels to the generator. The cable to do that is a 50 foot cable and I will warn you can be carrying quite a bit of energy.

The good news is this is a cable that is durable. The durability of the cable is a major plus because it does mean the cable can take some abuse. At the same time if your cable has any type of damage I would not recommend using it.

With the cable the length does give you some flexibility on where to set the generators panel up. This makes it easier for you to get the solar panel set up and running properly and have it catching the full rays of the sun, instead of missing out on some of the suns rays.

Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator

Can Have A Wind Generator Added On

I know that you are probably trying to figure out how the generator can get so much power. Well, that is mainly coming from the fact that the generator has a spot that you can add on a wind generator.

The wind generator will help you make the power that you need to have for running things at your campgrounds. Now, the important thing is to make sure you have the wind generator portion set up so it is able to get a breeze to keep it spinning or you may have just wasted your money.

The other thing that you may have to do is look at expanding the power banks and potentially looking at different wind generator methods. The other thing is if you are going to set up the wind generator part of the generating system you need to double check on the campground regulations.

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Multiple Outlets And Inputs For Use

The generator has several outlets that you can use. While this may seem rather simple and obvious, not all of the solar generators offer you the chance to connect multiple devices to the unit at the same time.

When it comes to the outputs the generator has the standard 120V AC outlets 3 of them, which would be like those that you have in your house. However, the generator does go a step further and offense you the chance to have 2 USB power ports that you can plug into as well. The generator also has a 12V DC outlet as well.

Looking at the power generation is important as well. When you look at the generator here it does have 2 different inputs that make it easier for you to get the electric generated. The main generation method and the one that is included is the solar panel plugin. The other generation method that will make up the remainder of the power and is optional is the wind turbine.

Solar Panel Only Generates 100W Of Power

I have to admit I was really excited about the solar generator until I see how much electric it generates. The solar panel on its own does not really make that much in the way of power. In fact, from what I have seen the solar aspect would potentially charge your batteries slower for a flashlight or your phone.

The solar panels from what we have read can be used in conjunction with other panels. When this is used like this and expanded out it does make it easier for you to get the panels making more electric, but it also is another thing that you have to be careful to avoid breaking.

On the down side even if you do add on quite a few solar panels you still have the chance of not generating enough electric for your needs. So that is why it is recommended for you to buy the wind generator as well.

The Weight Makes It Difficult To Move

The weight of the generator is definitely an issue for a lot of people. I mean even with a cart you still have to be able to life up the cart to get it onto the wheels to move it around. Then have to be able to set it down carefully to avoid damaging the electronics.

Now, the other issue that comes with the weight is even if you are using the cart it can shift on uneven ground. Yes, I know that normally you would just be running it from your vehicle to the spot that you are putting the generator, but still it can slip on the little holes and if you are having any issues the tree roots as well.

The other problem is if you go to move this without the cart you have to get a second person to help out. Now, if you are one of the competitors on World’s Strongest Man, yes it is on replay while I am writing this, then that would be a mute point. Still for your average person just lifting and moving the generator is difficult and could lead to injury.

Pros and Cons

  • Generators power with the solar panel.
  • Electrical power can be converted using an inverter.
  • Comes with a cart to move it easily.
  • Three 120V AC outlets.
  • LCD Screen makes it easier to see.
  • Lead-acid battery can leak.
  • Not compatible with Nature’s Green Elite Products.

Who Would Like This

People who are trying to provide some power to their campsite would like this generator. Yes, it is not really that big of a deal, but this is a generator that provides you with a little bit of electric and does not use any outside fuel sources that you would have to pack.

The other people that would enjoy this campsite generator would be tent campers. Yes, I know that probably has you scratching your head, but if you consider the fact that the tent does not need a lot of electric to operate this would work perfect for recharging some of your items.

Who Would Not Like This

The first group that I can think of that would not enjoy this generator are those who want to go backwood camping. The weight of the generator means moving it around easily in the woods or even a prairie simply will not happen. So backwoods campers are not going to like this power generator.

Another group that would not really want to lug this generator around would be the people that do not need to use a lot of electric. Face it, if you are not planning on charging up items or using electric why would you need to bring along a heavy generator that is going to be bulky and hard to move.

Whats In The Box

Buying the Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator often means you are going to get a great item to take care of electric at your camp site. Still, it is important to know what is inside of the box to guarantee you get everything you need. Since that is the case here is what is in the box for the solar generator.

The main thing that is included in the box is the generator itself, but also the solar panel. Those are going to make it easier for you to have everything that is needed to get going. However, make sure you check these over carefully to make sure they are not damaged to get the full effect of the panels.

The 50 foot cord is another part that is included in the box. This cord makes it easier for you to get the electric moved to where you need to have it. At the same time, though, it is a cord that is meant for direct current only.

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Additional Accessories To Consider

When you are buying a solar generator you may want to consider the following items to help make the product work even better.  Some of these accessories will help out right away, but others are going to be items that you find out down the line.

Extra cords would be a major plus for the generator. Granted, it does have quite a bit in it, but I would definitely recommend going out and buying some extension cords. These makes it easier for you to get the electric moved around.

The wind generator part is definitely something to consider. I would actually go ahead and fork out the extra money for the wind generator attachments. This way you could get the maximum output from the generator as the solar panel only generates 100W versus the total potential output of 1800W.

What Others Are Saying 

While I do provide quite a bit of information about the item here, I want to give you information from others. Here is some of the feedback that has been left by other reviews online.

A reviewer on Amazon left this review that is actually negative. ”This 1000 generator will only run it for 2.5 hours“. The reviewer who goes by the name Ms h was talking about how long it would run a refrigerator and 2light bulbs during a power outage.

Ron another review from Amazon has this to say. ”I really like this product and the ability to expand the system capacity”. This was talking about how we mentioned earlier the ability to get and connect some extra panels together to increase the power coming to the generator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use The Wind Power?

The wind power is going to depend on the input that you are using. You do have to buy the wind generator extra.

Can You Use The Generator While Charging?

When you are using the generator it can be used while charging, but if you outdraw the power input it will not charge.

How Long Is The Solar Panel Cable

The solar panel cable is the 50 foot cable that was mentioned earlier.

Can You Connect More Solar Panels?

You can connect up to 2 Natures Generator Power Panels Together.

Is The Generator Able To Run A Small Air Conditioner?

The answer is yes, but it will not keep it running for long.

My Final Thoughts On Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator

I have to say that this product has some positives and negatives. Overall, the Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator is going to provide you with some electric but potentially a headache as well while you are using it. So you need to make sure you know about the amount of electric that is being generated to see if it will justify what I view as a bulky product that does not give a lot of electric. Overall, I have to say if you are looking for a generator for your campsite that has to be solar or wind powered this is not a bad option, but for me I would definitely consider all options before buying.

Nature’s Generator Solar-Powered Portable Generator

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