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Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator – Quiet Camping Generator

Camping GeneratorCamping often means you may be out of electric power and that means your cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices can go dead rather quickly. However, what you are going to notice is charging your electronics back up is nearly impossible to do. This is when you need to realize you can bring a portable generator with you to the campsite at times. The downside is not all of the portable generators are allowed in a campground, which is why the product we are talking about today is a great option and it is the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator. Once, you learn about this generator it is very easy to see if this generator will suit your needs or if you should consider a different generator for your camping gear needs.

Features Of The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

  • This is a solar generator that is capable of providing 300watts of energy on a consistent basis. However, the surge power that is available is up to 600 watts, which provides you plenty of surge power when you plug in some of the electronics you are planning on using.
  • When you are using this you can see that it has a lead acid battery as the base that is rechargeable and allows you to power 7 devices at a single time.
  • The generator does not use any gasoline or other natural fuels to recharge the unit. The unit is charged from the AC sources, a 12 Volt system, and or a solar panel that is not included in the purchase of the generator but is available separately.
  • With the generator, you have here you can put them into a chain. This chain allows you to have a great battery source for a longer period of time. When this is done properly it makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the charging done like you want to have it completed.

How Many Power Outlets Does This Generator Have

When you use any generator you should have the proper amount of power outlets to get the power to your devices. This specific generator you have available here to purchase does make it quite a bit easier for you to charge multiple items as the generator does have 7 outlets to use. These are available in various types, which makes it easier to charge or even use different items.

Can I Use This Generator Indoors

I have to admit that this is a generator that is rated to be used indoors, but at the same time, I always use caution when using a generator. However, unlike a gasoline-powered generator, these do not need to have constant ventilation. In fact, one of the pictures you can see on Amazon features this generator inside of a bookcase.  This location is definitely going to be inside as I do not know of many people who keep a bookcase outside of their home.

How Easy Is The Generator To Start Or Use

The generator is one that actually is very easy to use as you only have to push a button to get it turned on. The only other thing that you have to do is make sure you use the proper outlet for the items you are planning on charging which will guarantee you are getting the proper cords plugged into the proper place. Once you do that it is going to be very easy to get everything charged like you want to have it charged or you could have some problems finding the right plug in the dark. So it is very important for you to study your generator and know where the outlets are.

What Kind Of Information Does The Unit Provide You With

Okay, knowing the information on the readout and how long you will have power is very important. That is what is great about this unit is the fact that it does have a digital LED readout to look at. This is going to give you a current estimate on how long the power will last, but also provides you with information as to how quickly the battery is being charged if you are charging the unit. The information that you have here is very important if you are charging with the solar panels as it does give you feedback on the type of input you are getting into the system.

What Do I Like With The Portable Generator

I have to admit that with some of the generators that I have looked at they are portable, but at the same time are bulky and difficult to carry. With this model, it is a little bit on the bulky side for some people, but if you are an average individual you the generator is not that bad to carry and that makes it quite a bit easier for you to move it around. Not to mention since this is not a gas powered generator you do not have to be concerned about the gasoline sloshing around when you are carrying the generator.

The number of ports that are available is something else that I find interesting. With quite a few of the generators that I have looked at in the past, you have maybe 2 USB ports and 2 regular plugs.  This one has even more plugs than that and that makes it rather easy for you to get the charging done like you need to have it completed and not be stuck waiting on a plug to get free so you can use it.

Finally, I like the fact this unit can be used indoors. I know for a lot of the generators they are meant for outdoor use only, but this unit because it is not a running motor that creates the Carbon Monoxide. This removes as much of hazard, but I would still recommend using this in a ventilated room so you do not have to worry about the fumes as much. However, I do have to say I would still use caution as this is a generator.

What Do I Dislike With This Generator

Well, I have to say the one thing that I do not really care for with this generator is the fact that it does not include the solar charger. While this is sold separately it is an added expense that I do not want to have right away. With that being the case, that is the main thing that I dislike with this generator and that is because it is meant for camping if you want to, but you have to plug it in for it to be charged if you did not buy the panels.

My Final Thoughts On The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

Finding a portable generator is difficult to do, but I have to admit if you are looking for one that can be powered without using a motor, then this not that bad of an option. However, at the same time since this does require an external power source to function properly, it does not really make it self sufficient and that can make it difficult to use if you are in the middle of backwoods camping. With that being said, I will say the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator is not that bad, but I would definitely recommend getting the solar panels.

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