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Black Diamond Voyager Lantern


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Black Diamond Voyager Lantern Review

Finding a lantern can be a pain, I mean you used to only have the oil lanterns that would come from Coleman and lead to you pumping on the stem for what seemed liked hours to get it primed and then hope it lit when you put the match to it. However, as modern times have come about the older oil style seems to have fallen by the wayside for the most part and have turned into favor of the multiple style lights and lanterns that are battery powered. While I do like this to a point, I also like the older oil style because I hate having to rely on batteries all the time. Since that is the case, I did find the Black Diamond Voyager Lantern and now will share my thoughts about the lantern that is here so you can find out if this lantern will actually work for you or if you may want to consider a different lantern all together.


Features Of The Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

  • The globe is frosted to allow for plenty of LED ambient light when it is turned all the way up as it reaches up to 140 lumens.
  • You can turn this into a flashlight if you want as it has a DoublePower LED light that will provide you with 50 lumens coming out of the bottom of the lantern to provide you with a precise light to shine onto the objects you are trying to find.
  • Unlike some of the other lanterns that are going to just reflect the light in a single direction or have a lantern that will not really showcase the light in a manner that you want to have it shown, this lantern has a reflector system that will take and reflect the light in an equal manner which makes it easier for you to see all around the campground.
  • Switching between modes here is actually very easy for you to do as the lantern and the flashlight are both controlled by a single switch. With this single switch option it will make it easier for you to change the light, but you can also use this to dim the light to a level that is acceptable for you as well.
  • Now, the size of this lantern can vary, which is different than the older oil lanterns as you can collapse it down to 4.2 inches and be extended to 6.25 inches total if you want to have it opened up all the way.

What Kind Of Time Does This Last

The time the lantern is going to burn will actually depend on the amount of power you are giving the lights. According to the Black Diamond website if you are using this on the lowest setting possible you can get up to a hundred hours of time for it to work. Now, what is interesting is if you are looking for an answer as to how long it will last when you have it set all the way up on high, I am sure it would be quite a bit less. At the same time, though, like almost every product we have talked about they only give the length of time for the lowest settings.

What Does The DoublePower LED Mean?

Now, we tried to find out exactly what this meant by checking out the companies website, Amazon, and even Googled the term to find out. The one thing that we did find that was talking about a Double LED is for lighting in shops and stores where the lights have the prongs on both ends instead of just one. However, I doubt this would be the case here and to that end we could not really find an answer here that would actually cover it.

What Is The Maximum Output For The Lantern And Flashlight

The amount of light you will get is going to vary depending on if you are using the flashlight or the lantern part of the Voyager. If you are going to be using the flashlight you will notice that it is going to only put out 50 lumens of light at the most. If you are using the lantern aspect of the light then it will allow you to have almost 140 lumens to put out and that is going to be something that everyone at the campsite will like, unless you are the one that has to change the batteries as it will go through them in what I can only assume would be a fairly quick rate.

Do  I Need Batteries With This Lantern?

Sadly, I know that I harped earlier about how I prefer the oil lanterns at times you do need to have batteries for this to operate properly. Granted, it is not like some of the lantern and flashlight combinations that we have talked about before that require C or D batteries, you are still going to need to get 4 AA batteries each time you have to change these out. So I would definitely recommend bringing quite a few spare batteries with you to ensure that the lantern will work when you need it to.

What Do I Like With The Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

I have to say that I am impressed with the fact that this is collapsible down which makes it a little bit easier to store. However, it does not really collapse all the way down which means I still have to get quite a bit of storage, but not as much as I need with the oil lanterns that I love to have being used.

Something else that I do enjoy with this lantern is the fact that it is very easy to use. Yes, I admit I do like pumping the oil and getting it primed to working properly, but at the same time I love the fact that with this lantern all I have to do is flip a switch and it will be on and working. At the same time, though, I do enjoy the fact that it is not going to give off the blinding light because of how the lantern is shielded.

What else is going to be a great feature for you to enjoy and one that I like is the fact that this can be used as a lantern or a flashlight. The product also states it can be used as both at the same exact time, but for me I prefer using one or the other and not both at the same time as this does put quite the strain on the battery and actually will lead to the battery going dead faster.

What Do I Dislike With The Lantern

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Well, as I mentioned earlier I really dislike the lanterns that are battery powered. These lanterns in my experience always go dead when I need to have them the most. So I have to admit the one thing that I really dislike with the lantern is the fact that it does use batteries. Since it uses batteries it means I have to bring along extra batteries with me every time I go camping, but also know how to change the batteries in the dark as this tends to be when they go out.

My Final Thoughts On The Black Diamond Voyager Lantern

A lantern is one item that can definitely make it easier for you to have a great camping trip if you plan on staying up after dark. Yes, I know you will have the campfire burning in most cases, but at the same time, you need to have some other light as well to make it easier for you to see inside the tent. With that being the case, I have to say I really do love this lantern and find it very helpful at times, but it still does not change that I love the oil lanterns, but this is a great option if you want to use a lantern that is battery powered.

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