Camelbak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack Review





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Camelbak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack

Finding out that you are hiking and not getting the water that you need is a horrible thing to do, but if you want to get a great piece of camping gear that will work for hiking, then you should consider a hydrati0n pack. A simple search will start to show you that you have a ton of the packs on the market meant for water and hiking. To avoid selecting the wrong one, if you are like most shoppers, you will start to look for a pack and read the reviews of the packs. That is why we are doing a review of the Camelbak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack. Once you have read this review it will be easier for you to see if this is the pack you need to use or if you are going to need to consider a different pack. If you do you will want to make sure you check out all of the other reviews we have done on a variety of backpacks and even different hydration packs that we have looked at before.

Features Of The Camelbak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack

  • This is a hydration pack that is going to have a total of 50 ounces of water available for you to carry around. This is generally quite a bit of water and will almost meet all of your water needs for the day.
  • When you are using this you will see it is going to have the Crux system. This is a system for the hose that is going to go into your mouth that will allow you to get even more water than what you were expecting to get each time you take a sip of water.
  • The reservoir that is here is going to be slim in the size. This is going to make it easier for you to get the backpack and know it will work for your needs because you can have more water and have it on your back without it taking up a lot of room. If you are careful in how you are putting this on your back, you may even have the chance to get a second regular hiking backpack on your back.

What We Like About This Hydration Pack

Made From 210D Nylon On The Outside

Nylon is a great material and it is definitely something that you are going to like. What is really nice is this backpack is made from this material. So it will be easier for you to have a great backpack that you will be able to enjoy and know it will not really have any problems with damage to the pack under normal use.

Has An Exterior Storage Pocket

While it may not hold a lot the backpack does have a storage pocket that you can use. When you see this it will make it easier for you to have a great pocket that is going to allow you to store your phone or some other small items inside of it outside of your body or person but still have it on your back to carry around.

The Mesh Back Is Breathable

With a lot of the backpacks that you are going to be carrying around they are going to be a solid back and this is going to make the packs very hot. However, with this hydration pack the back is mainly made from mesh. This is a breathable mesh and it will make it easier for you to have a great pack that will fit perfectly on your back and be ready to be worn out into the woods for hours on end.

What I Did Not Care For 

The Bladder On This Pack Can Leak

While this can happen to any of the backpack that are going to hold water, you need to realize this is going to be an issue if it does leak. Compared to some of the other hydration packs that we have looked at, this is one of the only ones that was reported to leak at times. So this could be an issue for a lot of people because they do not want to get their backs wet, but also they will lose all of their water if they are using a system that is leaking.

My Final Thoughts On The Camelbak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack

Well, I have to say this is a hydration pack that is not as large as what I am used to as it is only 50 ounces. What is even worse is the fact this is a pack that can leak at times and this means you could end up having a huge water mess in your backpack, but also not have any water when you need to get a drink. I would have to say, this would make me want to consider one of the other hydration packs that we have reviewed, but outside of that the Camelbak 2016 Hydrobak Hydration Pack is one of the best packs we have seen.

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