Camelbak 2018 Fourteener Hydration Pack Review





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Camelbak 2018 Fourteener Hydration Pack

Are you planning on going on a hike and want to bring a hydration pack with you? If you are then you should make sure you know that we went out and did some searching for the different packs on the market and I have to tell you that it was a challenge finding the packs that would work best for your needs. That is why we have decided to do some reviews for the hydration packs that are going to make a difference in if you stay hydrated during your hike or if you are going to get really thirsty when you are hiking. This is when you should know that we have tried to make it a little bit easier on you by doing a review of the Camelbak 2018 Fourteener Hydration Pack. By reading this review you will learn the features, what we like, what we dislike, and our final conclusion which will let you know if this is a hydration pack that we recommend or one that we think you should pass over.

Features Of The Camelbak 2018 Fourteener Hydration Pack

  • This is a hydration pack that has a 3-liter reservoir in the crux fashion. This will allow you to have the water you want to drink, but also have plenty of water available to drink as well.
  • When you are using this backpack you will find that it is going to have the waist straps that will work great for distributing the weight around on your back. That way you will not be injuring your back when you are hiking nor will you have to be concerned about the weight being too heavy on your back.
  • The hydration pack is going to have a stretch pocket that is going to allow you to have the extra storage space you need for your rain protection or some of the other small items that can be compressed down in size. So this definitely adds to the features that you are going to like with this backpack.

What We Like With This Hydration Pack

Has A 3 Liter Capacity For A Lot Of Water

This may seem like it is not going to be a lot of water. However, if you think about the fact that this is more than a 2-liter bottle of soda. So I have to say this is quite a bit of water that you are going to have available to drink and not really going to have to be concerned about running out of the water that you are drinking for your hike, which is why we recommend this size of a pack for longer hikes.

Has Waist Straps To Help Distribute The Weight

When you are using this backpack you will notice that it is going to be a little bit on the heavy side because it has 3 liters or water inside of it that you will be carrying on your back. However, what you will enjoy here is the fact this is a backpack is going to have an easier time on your back because a lot of the weight will be shifted from your shoulders to your hips.

Has Air Tunnels To Help Get The Air Flow For Your Back

The air tunnels here are a great feature that you are going to like. These are going to help keep you cool during the hike that you are doing and it will make it easier for you to have a good hike because you are able to stay cool and not be overly hot. So this is definitely a good thing and a huge positive because it means you can hike for a longer period of time and not get overly hot.

What We Dislike With This Pack Here

No Side Pockets To Use

This is an issue that I seen and really find kind of interesting since so many of the other backpacks do have the side pockets. So the lack of side pockets here is definitely a concern that you are going to need to remember because this can be a killer for some people as this means they cannot bring along the bottles or other items they would be shoving down into the pockets like trail mix.

Our Final Thoughts On The Camelbak 2018 Fourteener Hydration Pack

When you are hiking you know that you have to get the right hydration or your trip could be one that ends with you very thirsty if not dehydrated. That is why you are going to need to use the hydration backpacks to help you out in getting the right treatment plan in place. However, the key thing that you need to realize is the Camelbak 2018 Fourteener Hydration Pack is a pack that you can use for your camping gear, but if you are using a smaller hike I would have to say you may want to consider a smaller backpack as this has a lot of water that may be more suited to an all-day hike.

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