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Find Out About The Cast Iron Round Griddle From Lodge

Lodge is one of those names that you know comes with quality, but what else you know is it generally means that the cookware is going to be made from cast iron. That is exactly what we are looking at here in this round griddle from Lodge. The griddle is one that will make cooking on an open fire a breeze, but will also help you in getting the cooking done in a quick manner without having to worry about the cooking being overly taxing because a griddle, especially on a fire, means you only are using one pan or pot.

Features Of The Lodge Cast Iron Round Griddle

The one that we are featuring here, as long as nothing has changed, is preseasoned. This does not mean that you do not have to season the griddle when you get it, but it does mean that it is one that you do not have to season a lot. However, we always like to season all of our cast iron pieces as soon as we get them to guarantee they are going to perform properly for us.

The round shape of the griddle is going to allow you to evenly distribute the heat around the surface of the griddle. By doing this it will make it easier for you to get the food cooked all the way through, but also makes it easier for you to get the cooking done quickly because everything will finish up at the same exact time.

This is a griddle that you can find as being oven safe as well. While it will not really work well if you are planning on doing a lot of cooking over 500 degrees it is a griddle that you can use in the oven all the way up to that temperature.

How Do You Clean The Lodge Cast Iron Griddle?

When you are washing cast iron you know that soap will ruin it and cause it to rust out really bad. However, what you need to realize is it is actually very easy to wash as you just have to use warm water to rinse off the cast iron. Then you will need to take a towel and dry it off completely. If you do have to use soap then you will need to reseason your pan or in this case griddle to help it avoid rusting.

How Big Is This Griddle Really?

While a lot of people would doubt this, the griddle actually does measure 10.5 inches across on the bottom. However, what is even nicer is for the runny pancake batter or eggs you are making and that is the fact this is a griddle that is .5 inches deep.

Does The Lodge Griddle Evenly Distribute The Heat? 

A great feature that everyone loves about Cast Iron is the way that it is able to retain the heat, but also how it distributes the heat. With the surface of the griddle being flat and round it will allow the heat to go throughout at an even pace. Now this does not mean that the heat will not be hotter at the point of the burner or fire contact, bt it does mean the heat will go throughout the griddle a lot more evenly.

Our Final Thoughts On The Lodge Griddle 

Cooking pancakes, eggs, bacon and quite a few other foods on the fire  is a great way to make a fantastic way to enjoy the morning meals. However, it can be a challenge to cook on the fire because so many pieces of cookware would normally be involved and they all have to be rated for the fire. This is where you will like the Lodge 10.5 inch cast iron cooking griddle. It allows you to cook all of these foods at the same time, but the best part is the heat is evenly distributed to make it easier for you to enjoy the meal at the same time because everything is done at the exact same time.

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