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Discover The Clam Corporation Quick Set Pavilion

Sometimes when you are camping you will want to have some type of shelter that is not your tent. This shelter can be used to sit in during the day, but also to keep mosquitoes from bugging you or your family while you are trying to get away from the smoke the fire decides to keep blowing in your face. With that being the case, you often want to get the best shelter on the market and one of those is what we are going to review today. The shelter we will be reviewing today is the Clam Corporation Quick Set Pavilion, which is what is the target of our review today.

Features Of The Clam Corporation Quick Set Pavilion

The speed which this quick set pavilion goes up is a great thing because a lot of times when you go to set this up it is when you are having to deal with rain, wind, or just want to get some type of shelter up outside of the tent before it gets dark. So you are going to love the fact this is a shelter that usually will go up within 45 seconds out of the box.

With a lot of the shelters you have to get extra equipment to get sides for the tents. However, what is great about this one is the fact that it has the built in sides and this makes it easier for you to get the protection up you need from the weather in a matter of seconds, instead of trying to dig through all the bags that you have to get the sides that you have purchased extra.

The mesh screen that is included with the tent is meant to keep the bugs out of the shelter. The mesh screen is actually small enough that you are going to have the protection you need from the noseeum bugs that always seem to be hanging around the campground just to bite you and make it an annoyance to you while you are trying to get anything done.

How Many Square Foot Does This Shelter Offer?

The Shelter is roughly 150 inches by 150 inches. So you will find that this is going to give you a little bit over 12 feet in length and width. This is going to figure out to 110 square feet. So you will have plenty of room to do almost anything you want as this is the size of a larger bedroom. Heck, some people may even use this to set a bed up if they want to have a quick shelter with see through sides.

Are Any Windows Present On The Roll Down Sides?

Now we have already mentioned the shelter has the built in sides that are going to keep you safe from the bugs and weather. However, you may be asking yourself does this have windows that we can open to get some breeze in. That is the best part because the shelter does have windows that you are able to open up and let in the different types of cross breezes that will keep you cool during the hotter months of your summer.

Is This Camping Shelter Easy To Transport? 

This is a common complaint because you would think this is going to collapse down to a small carrying bag. However, that is not the case and in fact the shelter tends to collapse down only  to a small size so you need to have quite a bit of room to store the product in or you could be in for quite the shock when you realize this is not going to fit in the area you had planned on storing it in.

Who Would Like The Clam Corporation Quick Set Pavilion 

People who are camping in the campground and are using a tent would love this because it provides them with an extra shelter that allows them to have some extra space. However, people who are selling at farmers markets or even craft shows that are going to be held outside will love this pavilion as well. The reason is, is it sets up quickly and it makes it easy to get the protection up for everything in seconds.

Who Would Not Like The Shelter

The people who would not like this shelter are more along the lines of those who are limited on transportation space. That is because this shelter for all the good that it has going for it is going to take up quite a bit of room when it is being stored away. This can make it very difficult at times for you to get the shelter moved around to the different areas that you are taking it to.

Our Final Thoughts On The Clam Corporation Quick Set Pavilion Shelter

Finding a shelter is a good thing, but it is also a challenge at the same time when you are looking for something to use while you are camping. We have found this shelter, while expensive, to be a great option. It has the sides that will keep the protection that you need, but also has the sides that are included. All of this combined makes this a great option for a shelter that you can use and know it will protect you  from the weather while you are at the campground.

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