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Discover The Clam Corporation 9281 Quick Set Escape Shelter

As much as we hate to say it their will be times that you need to escape from the rain when you are camping and your tent may not be the best option because it is just to hot to get into it. With that being the case you will like the fact that some companies, like Clam Corporation, have come up with quick set escape shelters that make it easier for you to get out of the weather in just a few seconds, typically under a minute, to get protected, but also have plenty of space to actually stand up and move around instead of having to lay down all the time. With that being the case, we are going to review today the Clam Corporation 9281 Quick Set Escape Shelter.

Features Of The Clam Corporation 9281 Quick Set Escape Shelter 

This is a shelter that is slightly smaller than the other Clam Corporation shelter we have reviewed, but that is also causing a big difference in price. This shelter has a total of 94 square feet, which is still bigger than a 9’x8′ bedroom. So this will allow you to have plenty of space to move around in and enjoy yourself, but not nearly as much as the Quick Set Pavilion we looked at the other day.

Has a mesh screen that will help you keep all the bugs out and away from you if you have to use the shelter towards the evening. This makes it easier for you to have extended time outside at night, but also to protect yourself from the biting insects that are always out at night and tend to annoy the tar out of you while you are camping and make you run for the tent early in the evening.

The fabric on the main part of the quick set escape shelter is made from the 210 denier. However, at the center the fabric is the 610 denier, which will make it easier for you to have the protection that you need. Throw in the fact the seams are reinforced and it is easier for you to see this is definitely going to be something you can get used to using and not have to worry about it ripping or leaking.

How Big Is The Clam Corporation Quick Set Escape Shelter?

Well, the answer to this is actually a little bit in depth as this is a shelter that does have 6 different sides for you to contend with. However, it is a shelter that is roughly going to be 140 inches by 140 inches. So it is a little bit under twelve feet in each direction. The shelter will reach about 90 inches tall, which should be plenty of room unless you are Manute Bol from the NBA. The weight can be an issue for some people as the shelter does come in at 34 pounds.

How Well Does It Work At Keeping The Insects Out?

While the door is the weak point you will find overall the walls and that do work great at keeping out the bugs. The big catch is making sure you have the door properly secured and closed at all times to make sure you do not have any bugs getting into your shelter. If you do not do that, then you will quickly notice that no matter what you do you are going to have bugs inside of your shelter with you.

Is This Easy To Handle The Wind?

Now this is a key thing and that is you have to put the stakes in the ground right away and properly for the shelter to be able to handle the wind. If you do this, then it will work okay with the wind. If you are expecting some very heavy winds then you may want to make sure you have everything properly secured and even have some extra weight. However, this is for those storms that tend to blow up and have the winds that lift the tent with you inside of it!

Who Would Like This Shelter The Most?

The shelter is one that will be great for people who are camping in a tent and do not have an awning like an RV would have. However, this shelter will work great for people who are wanting to have a place to sit outside and picnic without being bugged by the bugs. Even people who are planning on going to the beach may like the shelter if they are allowed to set it up at the beach area to make it easier for them to get out of the sun.

Who Would Not Like The Shelter

People that cannot lift the shelter would not really care for, but also people who do not have the storage space may not like it either as this is a shelter that can take up quite a bit of space when you are storing it in your camping gear.

Our Final  Thoughts

If you want to have a shelter that will get you out of the weather quickly or away from the bugs in a hurry then this shelter will do that. The shelter sets up quickly, but also is very easy to use. The downside is it does take up quite a a bit of space and has six walls which makes it more of a hexagon shape. Either way this is a great shelter that will protect you and last time we checked that is the key when you are looking for a camping shelter.

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