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Discover The Camperelli Beach Tent Bundle

Okay, now we have been talking about shelters for camping lately and for the most part they have been nice big shelters, like the Clam Corporation shelters. However, we have come to realize that their are times that you could be at the beach or even head up to the water, not really a true beach from your campsite and need to have some protection. With that being the case, we have found the Camperelli Beach Tent Bundle and have decided to review this system here to see if it will suit your needs.

Features Of The Camperelli Beach Tent Bundle

This is a set that is going to have three main pieces, along with the stakes that you need to get everything ready for the beach. Now the main pieces will be the beach tent and two chairs. So you will be able to get the comfort that you need, but also know you will have some type of protection from some of the weather that you can encounter when you are at the beach. This makes it easier for you to feel comfortable and have a great time at the beach because you do have the protection you need.

Water resistance is something else to enjoy with the beach shelter. When you look at the beach you need to realize water is going to get around your tent. The problem is the water often is going to soak everything and that makes it prone to mildew or mold. With the tent and seats here they are resistant to the water, so they are going to be a little bit better protected than what you think they would be.

Since you are at the beach you are going to want to make sure you have some way to store your belongings and keep them protected while you are in the water. With the tent shelter that you have here, it will allow you to have the proper protection for your belongings as the tent does have internal pockets that will make it easier for you to get the protection that you need to have for everything, but also allows you to conceal some of the belongings to help you know that no one is going to go out and steal your stuff.

What Kind Of Tie Downs Does The Shelter Have?

This is a beach tent, so you need to realize the amount of tie downs is going to be limited. However, just like all the tents and shelters we have talked about it is going to use stakes to get the tie down that you want to have.  So this will provide you with the protection from the wind, but only if you are able to get the tie downs deep enough into the sand to keep the tent staked down with the winds that can come from the beach.

How Many People Can This Shelter Hold?

The tent is far from being the largest around, but it is going to be something that can usually fit 2 adults. This means that you can have kids in the tent as well, but the dimensions are fairly limiting in how many people can fit comfortably as the tent measures 83 inches long by 55 inches wide. So that could make for cramped quarters, but it definitely will allow you to have some protection if you need it.

The Sun Is Hot Does The Tent Have Windows Or Sun Protection?

The shelter is one that you are going to like because it will protect you from the sun as it is rated at a UPF 50+ so this will help keep you protected from the sun. However, if it is the heat from the sun that you are trying to get away from you will find the tent has 3 windows that will keep you cool because you can get the breeze that can come in from either of the windows and go through it.

Who Would The Camperelli Beach Tent Bundle Be Best For?

The tent bundle would work great for people who are planning on going to the beach quite a bit and do not want to have a full sized shelter. The tent will also work for people who want to have a nice little chair to use while at the beach to avoid sitting in the sand or even worse getting in the sand where they have the little bugs that bite! So the set is great for people who are going to the beach or want a shelter in the backyard they can dive into and get out of the sun while watching the kids play.

Who Would Not Like The Camperelli Beach Tent Bundle?

The shelter will not work like some of the others that we have mentioned before. The reason that it will not work is the shelter is not meant for something like a picnic table to be brought in. So if you need something like that then this tent will not work, the tent itself is only 45 inches tall, so a little bit under 4 feet. So a really tall toddler would have to crawl.

Our Final Thoughts On The Camperelli Beach Tent Bundle

This is more of a beach tent than anything else. Yes, it will serve as a quick shelter, but you need to realize it is not meant for this. The shelter it provides is from the sun and if you have a rain storm come in while you are at the beach. Outside of that this is only something that you would want to use at the beach. For that purpose it works great, but if you want it to have for a picnic table or your entire camp site then you may want to reconsider the tent shelter you are getting.

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