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Come To Find Information On The Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee Tent 

When you look at the tents that are being used today, you may think they are something that look great and are fabulous, but you need to realize this is not always the case as some of the tents will have a great look and function, just not the authentic tent feel you want to have. That could be because you want to use what some would consider a traditional style tent like the teepee tents. In this article, we will be doing a Guide Gear 10×10 teepee tent review so you can see if these tent styles will truly match your needs or not.

Features Of The Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee Tent

The first thing that you will notice is the teepee tent, while it holds true to the older design is not going to be something that you will have to struggle to put up. That is because the older style of tent that a lot of people have come to love has been brought up to the modern convenience for putting the tent up. So you will not have to struggle with the tent to get it put up and will be able to enjoy getting the tent up quickly and easily.

Waterproofing is another thing you will like the tent. While almost all of the tents on the market are waterproof, still we recommend using a [popup_product]tent sealant[/popup_product] product on the tent, some are not that waterproof. With this tent, though, you will love the fact that it is very waterproof and it is made from polyester. So it is typically able to withstand the wind and the rain at the same time.

The mesh windows that are present on the tent are covered. So this will make it easier for you to get the air flow that you need to get the tent cooled off if it starts to get warm in the tent. These windows are towards the lower part of the tent so it could be difficult to get a good air flow at times if you want to have a good flow of air.

How Many People Can The Teepee Tent Sleep?

This is a tent that is going to be rather interesting because it is going to have a chance to sleep about six people comfortably. The problem is you will find the tent is going to be stuffy at times if you are sleeping that many people in the middle of summer. All you have to do to avoid this is make sure you have the windows open and properly covered to allow the tent to have a good cross flow of air.

Is This Tent Easy To Set Up? 

While you may think this tent is going to be very difficult to set up, you need to realize that it is actually very easy to set up. In fact, a lot of people will set the tent up on their own and not have to worry about not getting it wrong. One aspect that is recommended is to get the tent a separate pair of tent stakes to make it easier for you to get the security you need as some people have complained the tent stakes are a little flimsy that is included with the tent.

Will You Be Able To Stand Up In The Tent? 

The tent is something that you are going to like because it is rather tall compared to a lot of the other tents you may have been used to being around. With that being the case it is very interesting to note the ability to stand up in the tent is something you would like to see. However, you should make sure you realize that if you are taller it may not be easy to stand up. The good news is the tent is tall enough you can have a small chair in the tent and have the ability to put your shoes on without getting on the ground.

Who Is The Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee Tent Meant For?

This is a tent that would work great for people who are going to want to have a throwback tent. However, what you need to realize is this is a tent that can be difficult to use at times if you are going to be hiking. The best part is the tent is waterproof and it makes it easier for you to go camping and enjoy your tent.

Who Would Not Like The Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee Tent?

With this tent, you will find that it is not going to be a good tent to go hiking with. The tent is way to heavy as it is going to come in at just over 14 pounds, which is heavy enough. However, it is very bulky as well and this will make it difficult for you to take with you while you are hiking.

Our Final Thoughts On The Guide Gear 10×10 Teepee Tent

When you look at this tent you will notice that it is going to have a great feel to it, but also a classic look as well. You will also notice this is a tent that will make it easier for you to go camping and enjoy the fact that you have a tent that will keep you safe but also have plenty of space to use. So this is easily one of the top recommendations that we have for a teepee style tent. Throw in the ease of putting it together and you have a tent you will absolutely love and want to use time and time again.

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