Guide Gear 6-by-6-Foot Compact Truck Tent Reviewed





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Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent Reviewed

Camping does not always mean you have to sleep on the ground or even worse have to find a tent that does not really fit you because of your size. Sometimes it means nothing more than getting a truck and having your tent ready to go the moment you park your vehicle. That is what Guide Gear thought when they developed and started to produce the Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent. This is a great tent, but what is even better gets you off the ground and into a tent that is attached to your truck, which makes camping on the go very easy to do.

Features Of The Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent

This is a tent that has quite a bit of headroom compared to some tents. While it is not the largest teny by any means, it will provide you with about 4.5 feet of headspace for you to sit down and get your shoes on or even have a chance to roll around and put clothing on before you go outside of the tent.

The polyester material the tent is made from is very water resistant and that will help you know the tent will keep you protected if you are camping and it decides to rain on you. Just like all of the tents that we have reviewed, though, we do recommend looking at the tent seam sealing glue. This tends to help you in getting the tent sealed up properly and keep you dry when the rain does come in.

With the four poles that are used to set the tent up, you will notice that it is very easy for you to get it set up and ready to go. However, you should realize the instructions will be very useful since they will help you know for certain if you are going to have a chance to get the tent set up properly since it is going in the bed of your truck.

Does The Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent Have Windows?

Ventilation is very important in any tent and you would think because of how this tent is set up that it would not have the windows you need to properly ventilate it. With this tent it does have windows and this will allow you to get the proper ventilation you need to keep your tent cooled off and keep you from roasting.

Rain Flys Are Great Does This Tent Have One?

When you look at this tent you may be tempted to think that it will not protect you properly because it does not have a rain fly. However, that is not the case this tent does come with a rain fly, you just have to put it on after the fact to get the full protection you need when you are camping and it starts to rain.

What Model And Types Of Trucks Will This Tent Fit?

The tent was manufactured to fit almost every style of truck that was made and even brands. However, you may find the tent is going to fit each of the trucks a little bit differently because of the way they were made. However, this is a great tent that will fit almost all the trucks that are on the market today, just will vary depending on the truck that it is fitting onto.

Who Would The Truck Tent Work For? 

This is a tent that would work great for people that want to tent out of the back of their truck. This could come from camping in the campgrounds for only a night or it could come from something that would need to be taking a quick break. Either way this tent would work great for people who own a truck and want to have a quick setting tent that they can use.

Who Would Not Like The Truck Tent From Guide Gear?

The first thing that came to mind for me of people that would not like the tent are those that do not own a truck! You have to own a truck for the tent to work so you need to have a truck and need to have a regular truck for it to work perfect. If you do not have that then the tent would not be for you.

Our Final Thoughts On The Guide Gear Truck Tent 

This is a great tent for people that own a truck and do not want to go out and by a regular tent. This tent also works good for people that want something they can throw in the truck and if they need a place to sleep at night have it set up quickly. However, the tent can be a pain if you do not own a truck or want to sleep on something other than your truck bed. So this is a tent that we like, but at the same time we prefer the traditional style of tent for sleeping on.

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